Who’s on first?

Now that Brexit has been voted on, the second part of this idea is beginning to take shape.
Not only are several countries looking to hold their own exit referendums, but the ideology of European Union rulership is being questioned.
Foremost in this are that now the governments and their people are questioning all those promises of The EU being superior by using the EU taxes to help, etc.
To date there has been little or no help.
The Union has gone deaf to both the people and their governments.
Punishing Britain for its vote to leave, can be seen in the obvious depression of the British Pound Stirling…
The removal of all support of Britain, has caused Britain’s internal finances to stop cold. Now all those government supports are being looked at for cuts.
The idea here is for the ‘financial’ controllers, to abandon Britain.
Obama has stated very clearly that Britain will be last for any trade considerations.
Britain is in the clutches of one of the most insidious, nasty, and morally devoid actions (globally) that has ever come out into the public light.
European Union leaders have stated that Britain is to leave immediately or sooner.
Some of those countries outside the finance/trade controls are looking to start a new set of trade agreements.
All this is not as important as the fact that, with the Brexit, the financial wolves/vampires can’t take The City of London. The door has been shut, and has ruined the planned agenda of the ‘cabal’/new world order.
It is the second part of the same scheme that is just as critical.
The US has been trying to become The Center for the ‘cabal’, and the ‘cabal’ just lost The major financial battle. Just as soon as the vote was in, Obama called on The UN to intervene.
The problems with the idea of taking control by force are huge.
Not only have the American people bought millions of guns/weapons, but the ranks of militias and The Continental Army have exploded in membership.
Word from the good guy military, is that the American Military is getting ready to make their move to help secure America and its people, their FREEDOMS!
Now that many of the ‘problems’ are close to being addressed, look forward to a breath of fresh air, flavored with FREEDOM…
Steps have been being taken to step outside the status quo in government and finance, to restore Sovereignty on all levels, and give everyone the level playing field they deserve,
This scene is being played out Globally…
Be ready to take the reigns of Freedom, and