What Law?

Any illegals where you live? Any who lives outside the law? Been in outlaw territory at any time in your life? Which of you have been subject to the whim of a true illegal?

I need to know if anyone knows any crooks who follow the law?

Does anyone have any rights left?

Who thinks it is alright to take away our right to self-defense?

So far, to date, none of anything done to lessen danger has worked, BUT, the idea is wrapped in,’For Your Safety’.

So when is the general public going to get their very own bullet proof vest whenever they go to any public place? Think of all ball games, the mall, the store, 7-11, or going to work. Who is, or might be, subjected to a drive by shooting?

Seeing as how the gun grabber, gun eliminator, liberal/socialists heard of the Florida school shooting, they all lose it and are now screaming to eliminate ALL guns, especially anything more powerful than a BB gun. Really?

To get real, two of the so-called ‘school shootings’ were one with a pellet rifle and the other one a sling shot! We really need to outlaw these items too.

I see a lot of ‘opinions’ on this subject by people who have never been forced to defend themselves, especially when it comes to defending your life or anyone elses for that matter.

Under this ideal society, no one should have or carry any kind of firearm, privately or publicly. For starters, eliminate the armed guards who protect government officials. Following that, no guns for law enforcement at any level, of any kind.

America NEEDS to defund the UN small arms treaty, among other things, and there are a lot of ‘things’.

What needs done? Certain officials desperately need a new alarm clock to wake them up to the real problem.

There is no gun that fires itself. Put a loaded weapon on a counter top or desk, and turn up the surveillance cameras. After that gun sits there and, by itself, doesn’t shoot anyone, tell us again that ‘the gun did it’.

Must be a person who should never have had a firearm that did the shooting, Hmmm??? The Florida Case is not unique, as most of these ‘shooters’ were known to be possible problems. However, just about every ‘authority’ at every level, were officially notified. How is it that something as obvious as this could be allowed to happen anyway? Rumors around the net say that this was a ‘special covert’ op. I strongly suggest that this is the case in most of the shootings. Why? Simply, no one can be that stupid or incompetent as to miss anything as obvious. I hope this will be sorted out, but, I also hear that law enforcement is worried about being outgunned, and overmatched.

IF all these gun grabbers are so intent on grabbing guns, how about we start with all street gangs? Not limited to just those carrying, but we want the supplier. Who sold you the guns?  Still want to legislate? There used to be The National Firearms Act, that gave mandatory sentences to anyone breaking the law and had a gun, let alone used one. Today, there are no gun charges leveled against these ‘Illegals’. WHY NOT?

Today, those who commit a crime with a gun are turned loose? Duality of the justice system has two sets of laws, one for the have’s, and one for the have-nots. Justice might be blind, but she can hear the coins drop in her purse. Knows which side her bread is buttered on, and by whom.

In order to take any action towards any kind of ‘solution’, the big money from illegal’s is one target, and the other are all those involved.  How many will an effort that big call for? Try everyone who refuses to be ‘subject’. Addiction is out of control, be it money, power, and/or appetites of the never done anything’s, and that extremely infectious disease known as ‘Entitlements’. I am the center of the universe and my wants/needs outweigh everyone’s elses comfort, dignity, and right to personal space. Let alone ‘personal defense’.

When somethings happens, most are not reported, and the police are not called because the police are just as apt to shoot you as the crook who shot first. We do need law enforcement people, but only those who can maintain under extreme stress and conditions. Going into that great unknown of a situation is no excuse, sure you’re nervous, excited, and the adrenaline is flowing like a flood. Grit your teeth and perform as you are expected to, professionally at all times. Never be trigger happy, never arbitrarily open fire, and de-escalate. Be the person of calm, cool, collected lack of action, peacemaker.

As far as guns go, these tools are NOT the problem, BUT, maybe a legislated law that calls for counceling/counseling for people who raise any kind of red flag? At the least, an intense interview to see if a problem can be found. Maybe an automatic red flag on gun purchases until after that interview?

What is the point of talking when direct action is needed?  ‘We’ will need to now take that direct action in order to prevent more death.

I have seen direct action on the battlefield of Vietnam. The battle has shifted to our streets. I ask those who would forbid available deadly force options to consider what that saying means,’It is better to have a gun and not need one, than to need one and not have one’. This should go to the application from you against the addict who is breaking into your house to do whatever it takes to get their next fix. Insane? Far out? I applaud a concealed carry person for gunning down a person who was carrying an AK-47 as they were about to enter a mall. No, I don’t like the idea that everyone needs to carry, but I give the nutcase intent on random killing no slack.

Who is ready to use deadly force for self-defense? Those who are willing to sacrifice everything to protect the little kids, that is who.

I am one, and I carry.