What is the fight about?

There are a lot of people who have taken their objections to the point of taking up arms against the systemic threat of American influence they see as derogatory.

Many of us have been struggling in our attempts to regain the original Freedoms that were once the foundation of our great nation.

The problems have been visited on too many countries, and the backers of all this are found everywhere.

Those involved have used all of the heart felt catch phrases in order to engage the populous of the world as a whole. These include, but are not limited to : Patriotism, Loyalty, Honor, and an unfounded superiority. You have to do things, act in a certain way, and be as we tell you to be, or else. Most obvious is the ongoing assault on any person, place or thing that takes issue with their taking of everyone’s Freedoms. Second most obvious are the multiple ‘trade’ deals that are only good for those in power, commercial or governmental. Outing the ‘content’ of these goes well beyond the social idealism, and is now right out in broad daylight. A creeping/creepy form of disguised Socialism that is practiced in an outright Fascist manner…comply or die. Anyone seen the paid for riots in several cities in America? These are the end result of Hillary being put out and the complete loss by the now Socialist Democratic Party, that used to be The People’s Party, and a protector of the little guy.

In looking into all the many facets of this intricately convoluted complex mess, I found a cute little basis truth that does cut through it all.

This ideal goes back to the beginning of civilization as it is known. The problem is so basic, that everyone in any position of power has been forced to adopt it wholeheartedly. There can be no hesitation of acceptance and compliance is required to such a depth, that it becomes a matter of being able to breath, heart to beat, and is so prolific it becomes critical to your very being. This is that eat, sleep, and breath it kind of thing, can’t live without it, totally Addicted. Cell phones, texting, etc.  Get the picture?

There are many who have fallen victim of exactly this kind of social mind control. There are then many places where the partial truth of, ‘There’s a battle on for your mind’ rings too true.

No war has ever been truly won. Notice that all ‘debt’, public or private, always falls to people who had nothing to do with whatever war had or has happened? Within this are ALL those countries who are still paying for others debts.

ALL the financial industry has the sweetest deal of not having to be responsible, because their speculative actions are simply transferred to a ‘public responsibility’.  This is only one small part of using We The People (think of Ferguson, Missouri) as ‘Revenue Generators’ and scape goats.

That is the mild form of one facet of the Controls used against the basic idea of Freedom. In reality, it is actually, rather tame compared to the balance of this radical social psychology known as a ‘psychological operational’ adjustment to our way of thinking. Feel like there just might be a ‘war on for your mind’?

In order for an idea and/or writings/records to be ‘immune’ from editing, adjustment, and any critical thinking/consideration of them, ‘They have to be put in a form that will not be challenged’. Take a close look at ALL religious records/books and each of them say exactly, ‘Thou Shalt’ or ‘Shall Not’, all of them.

I give you Christian Soldiers and Muslim Jihadists, as all the same, no difference. Many will ask just exactly how I can do that? It all becomes very simple and obvious.

In order for anything to be presented as ‘untouchable’, the ‘Source’ has to be ‘untouchable’. Any other way, and it won’t work. Like butterfly wings, touch them, and it never gets off the ground.

Religion/belief systems rely on the fact that what is taught is untouchable, Because of where ‘it’ comes from. ‘God says, so you have to obey, no matter what you are told, think, or feel about it, Your ‘Mission’ comes from God, and it is critical that you obey.

When looking into the whole of these ideas, don’t bother to only rely on other’s ‘interpretation’, rely on your ability to think. Then compare these truths with what you see, hear, and experience. Use your ‘God given Freedom of will’ and don’t take anyone’s word for any of it. Believe or not, as you so choose.

HOWEVER, there is a serious problem in the wood pile. One that is insidious, nasty, and acts like a song that gets stuck in your mind.

One in history is, ‘Manifest Destiny’, and is the basis of most of the evil that men do to each other. It is based in an assumption of being ‘ordained’ (approved/required by God), and is purely man’s idea. A preparation meeting by The Secretary of Defense held and proposed that, ‘we were on a sanctified mission from God almighty to devastate the heathen population as good christian soldiers’. The ‘search and destroy’ missions left burnt spots where villages and lives once were. In America’s past, our military could not defeat the indigenous people, known as The Indians. So, diseases that these people had no defense against were introduced. Some 50 – 85% died.

With religion being an untouchable, the other heart strings were brought into play. Honor, Patriotism, Loyalty, and being good Christian Soldiers. ALL these are still employed to this day.

What are we fighting for? Who is telling us who and where to fight? Why is war or using arms, the only way?

All the various groups, militias, insurgents, and rebels are ALL going about this in the wrong way. How do I say this? It is not an individual person we are fighting against, rather it is this sanctimonious righteous ordainment of only a select few who are causing most of these problems. Exactly when were these ‘status quo’ rulers given this authority? Blood lines, ownership of everything, and we have more and better guns than you do? Really?

I strongly recommend that all who read this, reconsider that the real fight is with these select few and not with any people or person. You see, there is no ‘face’ to attach tyranny to, as these people hide in the shadows, or behind a belief system.

Each who gets a copy of this, needs to reconsider their position. Where exactly do you stand? More directly, do the people want the perpetual/continual state of war? Considering the ‘refugee crisis’, wouldn’t it be better for these people to be sent to a country that agrees with and holds the same beliefs, and culture?

There is a covert, undercover, war raging right now to restore the Sovereignty of people and nations. This is a war for ‘survival’ of both governments and people.

Join with us that we may bring about a world that looks into the ‘content of a person’s character’, and does not criminalize refugees, freedom, and sovereignty. That utopia so many deserve, can be ours, as it originally was.

Be of good cheer, as ‘we’ seem to be winning.