Tell me what is ‘moral’ about refusing to charge any crook with a firearms charge, when committing a crime while armed? A ‘directive’ was issued to reduce firearm charges, WHY? One can buy any kind of gun on the street, so, I intend to carry until that ends. Gun grabbers want ALL guns, legal or not, held by law abiding citizens and crooks, But there is no restraint by law enforcement in their use of guns? I see many quotes of how many ‘innocent’ people are killed by guns, and 80% are suicides, 75% by white men, and every gun is a menace to society? The ‘moral’ issue is, ‘why there aren’t a greater number of gun charges’? Maybe a call for a return to the old Firearms Act that makes it a federal crime to use a gun in a crime, should be brought back. Until there is real action, no amount of words does anything.

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