Well now NY Daily News, there is just one minor problem with no guns for ‘terrorists’. NOTE that this stipulates ‘suspected’. ALL veterans, ALL of those who object to government, and ALL who question police actions, are considered Terrorists. WHY? Simply, our rogue government has decided that it can convict anyone of a crime of ‘suspicion’ with no evidence or due process involved. I offer that actions of our government stipulates that said government, is guilty of Terrorist acts, and is thus a Terrorist organization. The idea here is not to provide safety, but to try to take another ‘right’ away from We The People. If you want proof of rights being taken away, try reporting on wanton police brutality deaths, and you will find you first amendment right to free speech in trouble. Heads up, that second amendment right to firearms is The insurance policy for ALL the other rights. Like it or not.

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