Water and Human Rights

      This has been a part of the bad guys plan all along…
  The Nova Scotian Fishing Industry is under attack.  The Bush Cabal has been silently stalking the industry that kept Nova Scotians alive for hundreds of years in their attempts to buy up or buy out all licenses in the Province.
[10/8/2012 2:33:05 PM] Neil Keenan: Well recognized, Nova Scotia is a remarkable Canadian Province sloping into the Atlantic Ocean.  Often you will see fishing boats bearly above the water line filled with the fish that keep people alive on a daily basis.  From the South Shore, Lockeport, Woods Harbour,  Halifax and other towns make their living by placing their lives on the line going out in the good and bad weather in their attempts not only to make a living but to keep us alive.  Finding a 50 year old fisherman without any prior injuries is like finding an NFL Player without having had a concussion.
[10/8/2012 2:37:00 PM] Neil Keenan: Meetings have been taking place throughout the South Shore and the Hero that has stood up for South Shore Nova Scotians is Vincent Goreham.  He has shown the slick willies that he can slide with the best of them and when he penetrates their meetings without invitation they find it necessary to throw this man out before to many people learn the truth.   Neil Keenan who knows Mr. Goreham states that Vincent has many a card up his sleeve and this is how he wins.  He is holding all the aces and then some.  The Cabal who are fishing around in unfriendly waters are in for a dunking sometime in the very near future and do not be surprised if the charge is led by outspoken but gentlemanly Vincent Goreham.
[10/8/2012 2:37:51 PM] Neil Keenan: On the other hand the Rothschilds/Battenberg-Queen E group are actually paying farmers not to grow crops in Ireland and other nations.
[10/8/2012 2:38:53 PM | Edited 2:48:25 PM] Neil Keenan: What this is telling us is they want to control the food supply and if we let them get that far then we are in deep water ourselves.  Keenan says how can they get that far when they are playing with fake money and when it is exposed  they will become fish food themselves.  So much for the Cabal!!!!

   Received a response from Vincent Goreham and he states that the Fishing Industry is not even the tip of the iceberg and so what more could it be?  WATER.  Nova Scotia has an abundance of Water which they, the Cabal are after.  It reminds one of the land Bush bought with illegal funds in Paraguay in which the acquifer, one of the world’s largest runs beneathe it. This was Hitlers Estate and being a Nazis himself Bush had direct access to it so long as he had the illegal funds from the collateral accounts to purchase it.  Water Water Everywhere but soon to be none.
[10/10/2012 12:26:04 AM | Edited 12:40:14 AM] Neil Keenan: So what you are witnessing here is the confiscation of the World’s water supply.  After living years through the make believe Oil/Gas crap they threw at us do you want to depend upon them for our water.  Remember we have had Free Enegy technology for many years and it has been blocked by the very same people.  So first they control the energy and now the water?  We don’t want them we need to kcik them the hell out of our industries and remember they are the 1% and we need to start asserting ourselves in the Global Resources.  They belong to mankind not to the Bush Family whose real name is Shreff, Kissingers, Rothschilds, Queen E whose real name is Battengerg, not to Obama whose real name is Soetoro or to Romney who was born in Mexico, no not any one of these bums deserves more than look at the resources belonging to mankind.
[10/10/2012 12:28:04 AM | Edited 12:52:05 AM] Neil Keenan: The fight is now Drake, right now and you are right in the midst of it.  You have to be strong as well and stand up and get the sons of bitches while I am away fighting on another front.  The people have to begin to understand that step by step the Bad Guys are beginning to eat everything up.  We need to prevent this.  So lets start asserting our 99% and kick the crap our of them.  I am doing my best and pray that things turn out right for us all in the next few weeks.  As I hear it things are going to heat up and the bums are going to be on spot.  This is the way it should have been long ago when we woke up but we keep giving them opportunities to recover.  Why are we so gracious when they start World Wars in days and kill our children?  Why do we allow them to walk so freely amongst us knowing the kind of monsters they are.  Why?  There are FEMA camps built by them that are especially for them and not for us.  Let’s get this dog and pony show on the road and take charge of our lives.  The US Corporation is not licensed right now, they have no business collecting taxes, or even running a judicial system which the US Corporation only has stock in.  That’s right stock.  Also they  hold stock in the IRS which we all know is illegal.  Let’s close down the FDA which works hand in hand with them and is allowing killer drugs to enter the market to help in killing us.  Rumsfeld is walking freely why?  He and the FDA put the apartame on the market with their sweetheart deal all the while knowing that the Sweetener is really a poison which kills people.  Do you think for one second that Rumsfeld cares if you or your child loses his or her life because of dringing their diet drinks.  Of course not.  He needs to be put away or hanged for treason as well as the rest of them.  Take them out and Lynch them.  They deserve no bettr than they have given us.
[10/10/2012 12:29:25 AM] Neil Keenan: So they are after not only the Nova Scotian Fishing Industries but also the Water. Tell you what we will all go crap in a community pot and sell them the shit seeing this is all they warrant and actually are.  It is time to show them what they are!!
Neil Keenan

   The UN has put ALL water out of reach of people by declaring that Water is NOT a human right…
  Do not get thirsty…