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Larry Pratt, Jesse Ventura Join Cast of Molon Labe!

US Navy SEAL, Minnesota Governor, Patriot, Jesse VenturaUS Navy SEAL, Minnesota Governor, Patriot, Jesse Ventura

Note by Elias Alias to all Oath Keepers, Associate Oath Keepers, supporters of Oath Keepers, Constitutionalists, Patriots, Veterans, Americans:


As Charlie Daniels has stated, Something’s wrong and we all know it.

As Claire Wolfe has stated, America is at that awkward stage: It’s too late to workwithin the system, and too early to shoot the bastards.

Oath Keepers is an educational organization with outreach to Veterans, current-serving soldiers and peace officers and firefighters. Oath Keepers is focused on the Oath required by this nation’s founding legal charter, the U.S. Constitution, to which all peace officers, military, and firefighters swear [or affirm] their sacred Oath. Part of our educational outreach involves promoting on the Internet the consciousness which enhances every cop’s and soldier’s and firefighter’s understanding of the true meaning carried in that Oath.

I am proud to announce a bold addition to the Oath Keepers outreach activities. Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes will be featured in a new movie slated to be released in coming months. With him also will appear Oath Keepers Board of Directors member Sheriff Richard Mack. I am calling on each American reading this to rise to support this movie project, because I can envision thousands of you chipping in five or ten or more dollars to help fund the project. We need grassroots help to make this film happen. This movie will greatly benefit the Oath Keepers mission nation-wide. Please read the below announcement, which is a progress report on the film’s development.

James Jaeger likes to support the Oath Keepers mission. Now he is pooling together a most impressive group of American patriots in one powerful documentary movie.  This update is specifically to announce the good news that Larry Pratt, President of Gun Owners of America, and Jesse Ventura, former U.S. Navy SEAL and Governor of Minnesota, have agreed to join the cast of the film.

Please review the impressive list of experts James Jaeger has assembled, and while pondering on this lineup of patriotic Americans, remember these words by Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr., who’s works inspired this movie –

“The “Militia of the several States” are State institutions which are required to perform certain limited functions for the General Government, and basically unlimited functions for the States and the people. The primary requirement to maintain the Militia in their proper form rests with the States, and ultimately the people.  …This movie will examine the constitutional status, character, and purpose of the Militia as the ultimate guarantor of We the People’s sovereignty.”

Since the early 1900s, with only a few exceptions, the ‘Militia of the Several States’ have for the most part faded from daily life here in America, and the results are now visible.  This update/report on the progress of Molon Labe can, if we all get on board and support it every way we can, represent the pivot point on which America gains the cognizant will to return to our Constitutional heritage as Free Americans.  I salute James Jaeger and his all-star cast of Constitutional experts.

Please read the following announcement from James Jaeger, and make your decision to contribute at the link below. When you contribute, please let James Jaeger know that you’re donating on behalf of Oath Keepers. Oath Keepers is hoping to have an opening screen credit for our organization as “Associate Producer“, which means we’ll be right up front at the start of the movie. Because of the powerful message in this movie, it is bound to go viral, and the publicity will help Oath Keepers expand our outreach to military, peace officer, and firefighter personnel exponentially. Catch the vision! Send in what you can, on behalf of Oath Keepers. Thank you!

See below for mail-in directions, and click here to donate online.



Elias Alias, editor, Oath Keepers


Larry Pratt_Gun Owners of America_No Compromise!

Larry Pratt_Gun Owners of America_No Compromise!

Report: Current Production Status:

The Upcoming New Movie by JAMES JAEGER –

MOLON LABE — How the Second Amendment Guarantees America’s Freedom

Website for MOLON LABE: http://www.molon.us

Inspired by the works of EDWIN VIEIRA, JR. (Constitutional attorney with four degrees from Harvard) and his forthcoming book, The Sword and Sovereignty,

MOLON LABE features:

Presidential CandidateRON PAUL;

Author and political analystPATRICK J. BUCHANAN;

Author and Founder of Freedom Force, G. EDWARD GRIFFIN;

Author and former Minnesota Governor, JESSE VENTURA;

Author and Founder of CSPOASHERIFF MACK;

Constitutional Attorney and Founder of Oath KeepersSTEWART RHODES;

Lecturer and President of Gun Owners of AmericaLARRY PRATT;

Military Commander and Constitutional ScholarDAVID R. GILLIE;

Senatorial CandidateJACK ROONEY.

Author and Constitutional ScholarDR. EDWIN VIEIRA, JR.

We are also pleased to announce that broadcast pioneer KRIS CHANDLER has reunited with Matrixx Productions to narrate MOLON LABE, having previously narratedORIGINAL INTENT and FIAT EMPIRE (FIAT EMPIRE won a Telly and went viral on the Internet with over 10 million views).  A sample of Kris’s narration is athttp://www.molon.us/narration.mp3

MOLON LABE takes a deep look at the “right of the People to keep and bear arms” and shows how the Militia play a vital role in creating true homeland security and a free nation.  For more details on the substance of the movie, please read the narration scriptat http://www.molon.us/molon_script.pdf

Watch our 4-minute trailer

at http://youtu.be/N0PzkpTZ50o

Help us get it completed, and earn yourself or your organization a screen credit by donating whatever you can NOW or over the next six months.  Just go to http://www.molon.us/donate


We recommend donations over $1,000 be made by check or direct bank deposit because credit card processing fees are substantial. We will also accept donations of less than $50 by mail. To donate by mail, send your donation payable to Matrixx Entertainment Corp., 223 W. Lancaster Ave., Devon, PA 19333. To arrange for a direct bank deposit or a confidential donation, please email us at contact@mecfilms.com or call us at  (212) 933-9374. Thank you.

And hey, you Vets who are struggling with the money thing, here is something you can do instead of sending money — Just tell three or more people about this movie and send them to Molon dot US to learn about the movie. Thanks Brothers!

As Elias Alias says, “Do It Now!”

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