UBS goes down…

                   This news reports the intended dismantling/divestiture of
Union Bank of Switzerland.
              The documents show the asset value according to weight and
purity as required in such transactions.
             I suggest this is a ‘THEFT’ from The Collateral Accounts, as
none of these ‘assets’ belongs to any individual, company, or government.
            Rather these assets belong to ALL The People of The World.
            I offer that IF said assets are to be ‘exercised’, the ‘holders’ of these
assets are Required to first pay the interest due, 2.5 – 3.5% per anum in
Gold Bullion of the same quality (99.98%).
            As an exercise, when contracted interest has not been paid, the
Full amount of Collateral plus Interest is due and payable.
        Note that one Document states these are Collateral Account Assets.
            ~ Drake

From Neil Keenan – Read: