‘Things are heating up’

Anyone who needs and receives ‘public assistance’ is wrong, according to the financial wizards who seem to be in control.

I have criticized Israel, and others over refusing to take care of those in real need.

All of this should be very obvious to everyone.  ALL of The People are expendable, do not deserve any help of any kind, and no country will be left out of the new global agenda of never cutting the ‘status quo’.  Budgets, and all those in office never get a ‘reduction’ in pay or benefits…just We The People, and that World Wide.

My question to the planet is simple.  When does ‘everyone’ stand up together and say NO! ???  Forget separation of any kind, think unity. Mankind can change things back to a correctness unknown in several hundred years. How much is enough?

I am hearing all sorts of things that are ‘supposedly’ going on, have happened, and much that is immanent. As in coming to a neighborhood near you soon…

I hope that everyone knows it is the ones’ in office that are The Problem. Two ways to change that, by force and through all these rigged electoral processes. I don’t like either one, BUT, what alternative is given?

I have yet to see any real effect of anything that has ‘supposedly’ happened, officially nothing, but look at the rumors! The net is overloaded with it…

I will be starting some things with people who refuse to listen or take positive action to fix anything.

IF you are one of the bad guys, leave now, because the firing solutions are entered, and you will get sunk.