There sure is a lot of ‘spin’ in main stream media. First, it was the feds who started the fires the Bundy’s were convicted of in the kangaroo court. There is video showing this fact. Note that ‘double jeopardy’ does NOT apply. Habeas Corpus? After all this BS, anyone who bothers to look it up will find that there is no ‘public land’ “owned” by the fed. There is a ‘public trust’ of holding said lands for We The People. This means that the fed can NOT sell any interest in, or any ‘rights’ to the entrusted lands. Thus, there is no ‘legal authority’ for any kind of enforcement, other than ensuring there is no ‘destruction’ of said lands. This includes mining, etc. Recently, illegal permission was given for mining of Apache lands. This had come up as a stand alone legislation, and was rejected multiple times. The sneaky pete legislators decided to quietly ‘attach’ this to another bill, and it was all passed. Sorry, all you legal eagles, BUT, ALL Indian legislation dealing with Indian lands has to be ‘stand alone legislation’, like it or not. During all the fun and games, an ‘Indian’ spokes person says, get off our land. Really? When was it that you and your tribe took that land away from the feds? So, the ‘spin’ is extreme and runs deep. Bureau of Land Management, Wildlife Services, nor any of the fed have any authority on any of the ‘Trust’ lands. Those last protesters need to leave. ALL authorities need to allow them free passage to go home, no arrests, etc.

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