The Scary New Evidence on BPA-Free Plastics!

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Pollution is a given, everything pollutes.
There are three basic categories; the usual, all the time everyday,
the not well known, and the in your face kinds.
Most are aware of Agenda 21. If not, visit the United Nations website.
This ‘idea’ of deleting almost everybody from the planet, falls into the
last category of the intentionally ignored, known as ‘Conspiracy Theory’.
Very few understand the realities that are relegated to nut cases that live
in closets, under beds, or in a cave somewhere…
I have, and will continue to offer as much of The Truth as I can find, no
matter how different, off the wall, or crazy a truth may sound/seem.
Yeah, I know, here we go again…more ridiculous BS.
In order to fix that attitude, I decided that more accurate evidence of the
realities of my offerings was in order.
So, I changed from just the ‘quicky’ report from the unknown, to a more
scientific approach.
My being involved should be obvious from TV, radio, and print reports I
have made personally.
Still, not enough…
I decided to offer an addition to my public and scientific reports, I now include
other news reports that are published in some way. Most common are the
news cuts on face book, news media, and websites.
Again…not enough.
So, as much as possible, I try to combine as many of the news, scientific, and
accurate venues as I can.
I hope this is good enough…but no matter, here goes anyway.

No one is ‘safe’. And, yes, I do mean that in every way you can think of it.
The ‘target’ is You.
Read ‘Agenda 21’ so you will know that this is real. I know of no other way
to show anyone just how ‘real’ the idea of your Elimination is.
Yes, I am aware of all the false BS coming in from everywhere, I get a large
load of that myself. You might note my shoot downs of the ‘fear porn’ posts
and reports on face book, and so called ‘news reports’ from ‘trusted’ sites.
I watch ‘trends’ in the general population, like this, don’t like that, and see a
lot of real issues just fade away… it is that last part that is my main worry.
People everywhere don’t seem to give a shit…just don’t care, and absolutely
refuse to get involved, etc. And this includes things that personally affect them.
-In light of that, I wonder if anything I offer has any impact?
Do these quick references get anyone’s attention?
Chemtrails are a reality. Yeah, I know, heard that before, and I agree.
Japanese radiation is all the rage in the tinfoil hat arena.
Intentional pollution and accidents are making the news.

Some are aware of the G.M.O. problems, weather wars, and other lesser
known problems that only pop up for a very limited time.
No matter how nasty any of these things are, very few take any notice, other
than the passing interest.
There are long term forms of Pollution that are suppressed, that ‘no news’ is
‘allowed’ about.
The ‘scientific’ reports on G.M.O. food strains should have caused a public
uprising of the people against such things. Yet the people can’t even get such
known health risks ‘labelled’…?
This is because ‘Corporate’ interests are in an ‘ownership’ position of most
‘regulatory agencies’. The F.D.A. refuses all scientific evidence showing that
most commercially produced questionable products are harmful.
The World Health Organization ‘Sponsors’ the Geo-engineering Program that
is known as Chemtrails.
Certain ‘interests’ tell all news outlets exactly what to offer to all of us.
You got that right, all news is slanted to the advantage of a few.
-Now we get to go back in time…
Remember the huge legal fight that Tobacco companies put up when their
products were questioned? Remember how long it took before a court decision
was made?
Then, everyone jumped on the band wagon of No Smoking! Anyone remember
all that? Kind of faded right out. Oh, you hear about smoking bans only rarely
now, and it ain’t no big deal.
Follow this with Air and Water pollution. It has been decided to kill the Coal
Industry. Too dirty.
Direct pollution, treatment spills, and it’s greasy…Got to get rid of it.
The other ‘reference’ is to ‘The Carbon Foot print’ in production of Power and
Even that has been in The Spin Cycle of Politics and big Business, Corporate
The ‘true’ Carbon ‘costs’ of ALL ‘Green’ production is very different than anyone
is ‘allowed’ to report. Don’t forget, only ‘approved’ content is ‘allowed’.
Go dig into any of these areas and work up the truth.

In reading the great amount of information I am required to know, I find ‘things’
that do grab my attention.
This one in particular grabbed my attention because of the content and the
‘interested parties’ involved.
Believe me, when I tell you, that this is Huge!
Just as with G.M.O.’s, this affects Everyone everywhere, the whole planet.
Those ‘other’ pollution reports are small when compared to this.
I offer that this is in no way any type of Fear Porn.
This is REAL, happening over years, and Intentional!

To facilitate Agenda 21, one way is through the food everyone eats. Another
is to pollute the Air and Water (Fluoride, etc) to kill us.
The ‘best’ of any of these types of programs is to do so in a way that no one
knows until it is too late.
Tobacco is Addictive and very bad for health.
Fluoride is The American Dental Associations good health for your teeth
‘Poster Child’. -Eats concrete-
Chemtrails are beneficial to helping our atmosphere.-Burns out your lungs-
-Any excuse will do, backed up by adds, science, and ‘we say so’…
Most everyone knows that some kinds of medicines ‘react’ between themselves,
and ‘react’ in your system…But, the officials tell everyone that extremely small
amounts, PPM -parts per million, are OK. Won’t hurt anyone, etc.
Anyone interested might want to look into the ‘chemical cocktail’ that everyone
gets daily…drinking water, breathing air, and eating food.

I read several magazines which vary in content. Some are progressive, some
conservative, and a few radical.
I do my best to find information and publications that are as accurate as possible.
Investigative Reporting has been shut down almost everywhere. This is/was done
on purpose, too many ‘leaks’ of critical information, and too much ‘money’ at stake.
-As I said, big business/corporate bottom line, cause the ‘interests’ to take a very
real interest in anything or anybody who ‘costs’ them.
So, I felt it my responsibility to offer those who follow my reporting, the very best.

I give you Mother Jones.
I have cited many of the articles offered in this magazine, because the reports were
accurate, and backed up. Interviews of those involved, evidence of the facts listed,
and relevance to current events and interests. To name a few.
We have been intentionally polluted for years.
However, only when proven pollution affects the sacred bottom line, does the interested
parties swing into action.

-The article is ‘Are Any Plastics Safe?’
This is a long read, BUT, worth it.