The most difficult problem is kids. Today we have a combination of things that result in kids acting out, etc. The idea that race is an excuse don’t cut it with anyone. The idea that just because you are a kid, you can do anything you want don’t work either. Most people know how to act in a socially acceptable manner, while some just lose it and act out anyway. In this case, both the student and officer were wrong. The basic problem is the two way loss of respect. Each disses the other and the problems start. IF there is a discipline problem, it goes first to the individuals involved, both teacher and student, and can be handled in a much better way than what happened here. Are any of the ’causes’ being addressed? The kid has problems or the teacher, and no mitigation? Self control is the most difficult for either side in a dispute. Is there a real problem or some imaginary problem? A very few Schools have a process to eliminate disruptions, and student teacher councils to meet about policies and individual problems. In order to eliminate race, use the simple percentages to show that problems are spread evenly. In this case, if race is involved in disciplinary actions, the administration needs to be taken to task. In many of these, students were given some responsibility to ‘police’ themselves. In others, teachers were held accountable for incorrect actions. Dragging someone out, kicking and screaming, is NOT the right answer.

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