The latest in a long line of perpetrated BS. Excuse me, BUT, with the surveillance technology in operation, there is no way these terrorists did this on their own. They had to have help, inside help, international help. So who put this setup together? The world knows the US supplies ISIS. Just what ‘Cabal’ member gave the order for this premeditated attack? This was NOT arbitrary, as there were several ‘teams’ involved. An AK-47 don’t come in a cereal box… The ratcheting up of radical emotions doesn’t happen by accident. Until all the diverse countries of the world understand that there is a criminal consortium that is doing everything nasty, we don’t stand a chance. Wake up to the fact that it is not possible to pull something like this off with people who can’t read English, have very few skills, and/or were recently ‘trained’ for this. It takes a lot more than dumb luck, for those who are untrained to even get close to this. It is past time for ALL people to find out who exactly did this, paid for it, and are planning more. The targets are, Paris, London, and the Vatican. IF I can get this info, does anyone think that world wide intelligence agencies missed it? That’s right, intel knew this was coming, ahead of time too. Who is ‘sacrificing’ who and for what?

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