Thursday, July 16, 2015 9:08 AM

The following report received this morning via personal email………

With the following, keep in mind Obama just did a massive land grab in Texas with the Waco Mammoth National Park –

while LENCO now has over 500 NWO armored vehicles in all 50 states and offers grant to local police in Texas for more…

Recent Intel data…..

On Tuesday, a Texas DPS trooper states that several 18 wheelers carrying MRAP vehicles where stopped near George West Texas on Hwy 37 (presumed to be heading southbound toward McAllen and/or Brownsville). The reason for the stop was because the MRAPS were armed with machine guns mounted on the top turrents.

The trooper stated that the drivers of the 18 wheelers were dressed in civilian clothing, but were actually Army enlisted personnel. When questioned where they were going, the drivers of the 18 wheelers stated they were heading south towards the border.

The trooper states that several DPS troopers were involved in the stops and that the 18 wheel trucks and the MRAPs where seized/impounded and the drivers of the 18-wheel trucks were detained.

The trooper also stated that they are under orders by the governor to stop, detain and impound any military equipment being moved around in the state off of federal interstates highways and any military armed equipment/vehicles being moved around in the state on any roads or highways in Texas. This intel was verified.
> The bad guys are losing.
> The good guys are winning.
I suggest everyone get with the program, contact WRAM to find your local militia.
The choice is simple… Join or die…
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