Stir the Pot

         To All :
      I have been assured that our military does stand with us
in this final battle for FREEDOM.
      Intelligence reports I have been privileged to, do address this
 very issue.
      The time grows ever closer for our last chance to fight for our
freedoms and for those who cannot fight for themselves.
      I have taken on this effort so that every person might one day
take a deep breath of free air, and all our children may grow up into
a world where they need not fear.
      It is a great honor to serve in any capacity my country calls on me
to serve.
      Just as my oath of service has no expiration date, I can not ignore
the fact that I love my country, and am willing to defend it against all
enemies both foreign and domestic no matter what it costs me.
      I hope everyone ‘feels’ this video as I have.
     Simply calling all good men to come to the aid of their countrymen.
     Find out how you can be of ‘service to your country’…
     The stew is cookin’, how can you stir the pot?