[5/6/15, 12:07:08 PM] Drake: Attention ALL Muslims. [5/6/15, 12:08:23 PM] Drake: Those who refuse to be subject to the ‘radical’ minority, are beginning to take action. [5/6/15, 12:09:22 PM] Drake: The problem is the Muslim communities refusal to clean your own house. And no, the time for talk is past. [5/6/15, 12:12:12 PM] Drake: IF those who hold peaceful beliefs do not start removing those who feel they have a moral duty to kill in order to promote their ideas, expect to be monitored, recorded, and watched closely. [5/6/15, 12:16:28 PM] Drake: I do not believe any form of religiously derived ‘sentencing’ for the control of people, because of any definition, naming, or ideology, stands the test of righteousness, or good conscience. [5/6/15, 12:18:15 PM] Drake: This has been upheld on all sides of this issue, except those using AK47’s to force their ‘agenda’. [5/6/15, 12:19:26 PM] Drake: It is the ‘radicals’ who are proving to be real ‘Infidels’, by their actions. [5/6/15, 12:20:43 PM] Drake: Most people of the world are at the point of thinking ALL Muslims must be the same as those shooting, Because the majority just talk and do nothing.

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