Rules of Engagement?

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There are three general/basic forms/areas of ‘Engagement’. Problem is that all of them are overlapping, mixed together, and interdependent. Just wait, it gets better.

Being old, I refer to happenings and such from the distant past, even though not as long ago as most would have us believe.

Used to be that a ‘greeting’ was almost required, a nod, tip of the hat, or hello/howdo. The primary requirement of respect for all elders/adults was a given, and no one wanted to get in trouble of any kind, public or private.

The 60’s started the changes, the 80’s cemented them, and the last ten years brought real time lack of respect for everything, elders, officials, and many of the basic rights found in our Constitution.

Obviously the first question is why? Contrary to popular beliefs, the answer is very simple, those who could address or were in a position to affect the problem, absolutely refused to listen. So, the general population’s frustration became the same absolute, and very few protesters would listen to any authority. Tit for tat, same to ya and all that.

So far, America is just barely holding on to a ghost of past restraints. The paradox can be seen in all the protests over that last few years. The protesters demand free speech, BUT, only theirs, as the refusal to allow anyone who might offer anything the protesters dissagree with to be forbidden on threat of violence.

That is mostly just the social side of this. The heat goes up in a ballistic manor when any form of outside politics is even hinted at. The enforcement side, from civilian police to the military, those who enforce laws, are  subject to execution.

Anyone who is any kind of awake or aware, knows all this. However, there are an increasing number of people who are just getting into all this, so there are the basics.

When I came home from Vietnam, I didn’t recognize the country I had left only about a year earlier. So, I kind of wandered around trying to figure out what happened and how I might fit into the mess.

A few years later, I decided that there had to be a way to recapture many of the things in general that had been taught to me as a child. All those unspoken rules everyone lived by. I did find it in the Appalachian Mountains. It seems that the outside world was not followed much, and those 50’s values were considered the way to be and live.

I got involved in knowing what was going on over some thirty years. I developed and redeveloped sources and contacts and still am doing so today.

Under the ‘Rules of Engagement’ anyone who looks will find the death of tradition, and if the present atmosphere is any indication, the death of the rules of engagement, there aren’t any anymore.

Public education has basically become a police state, with armed police patroling the halls. Conformity and Control is all that is taught. Go look at a public school.

This brings us to one of the more obvious interwoven/overlapping areas. The ideal is to learn something that a student can use, this is no longer the case. So, let’s look at what is called ‘Higher Education’.

Exorbantly expensive and jobs in a chosen field are difficult if not impossiblee to find. Does this make anyone wonder IF any of this is worth it?  Judged by the past, todays Higher Ed is somewhat of a joke, like it or not. Accademics have never translated into real skills. So, all that time, money and effort is a nice basis, but, all industries will train you in what they want, expect, and how they want things done. Does that tell anyone about real value?     Taking this into the social arena of student interaction, and social intercourse with the things of life outside school, and it gets worse.

Those rules of engagement become whatever someone makes up at the time. Sensitivities now over rule free speech, and even any opportunity of free expression. That ‘right’ of free speech is nullified as soon as any group decides that there is any possibility of something new that is not found in a socialist bible. Comply, or we offer violence?

The idea that any campus requires safe zones to ensure no one’s virgin ears don’t hear anything that might offend, is ludicrous. One of the basics in social intercourse is to learn how to handle most anything from a nasty name to outright confrontation. All the while, keeping a level head and the open discussion running. It is the difference in perspective, the original point of view that has made higher education, capable of educating.

The social intercourse found outside in the real world is crass, profane, and obtuse to a lot of people. Being able to use this requires time spent talking about everything, nasty or not. The very reason it is called higher education is the social learning garnered from talking to feach other.

As I said, I didn’t recognize The America I had left for only a year. Between then and now, it has gotten steadily worse, more perverse, and nasty. Which bring us to the great swamp of politics.  This overlaps all the rest of what I covered above.

Politics are the specific beliefs in ways, forms, and structure in governance. In many ways this includes the above and goes a lot deeper. Reason being, it is a part of all this, and includes enforcement.

The very idea of enforsement is the use of force to maintain ‘order’. The laws involved should be followed by everyone, enforcers and the general public. The philosophy or ideology is pure, brute force, and is in essence, fascist in its basis. Chicago had a Democratic Convention, and because the protests were able to be heard, the police went in and cracked a lot of heads. This is the short version, but it is accurate.

The ideas of refusing to follow the laws, created sanctuaries, cities, counties, and states. Places where certain specific federal laws were refused, ignored, and litigated.

I doubt any of those involved in sanctuaries have any idea of what can happen when federal laws are enforced. Might be aware that ALL involved, can be prosecuted.

In my opinion, there is a serious choice to be made by We The People. IF you like the freedom that allows protest, or that taking care of people, getting an education are of any value, ‘We’ all will have to work together on making our country what it once was, and better.

‘WE” can do anything we put our minds to, do the impossible, and be the shining beacon of Freedom once again.

This is what I see as that future kids don’t get. KIDS! One day you will be in charge, running everything…OOEE!

Question is, making this a better place, freer, happier, and safe for everyone, Are You Ready?