Rights and Law

I would hope that a majority of people are aware that our Constitution is a legally enforceable contract. It stipulates ‘Equal Rights’ for all.

To give everyone a tool to fight against the usurpation or taking of your ‘rights’ one legal tool that is and has been underused, is 18 U.S.C. 241. Read this carefully in order to be able to use it : https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/18/241  

Now, run with that one!

This applies within the United States specifically. However, it applies to all foreign countries and specifically to any business operating in America. Taking of land without due process, or the use of that land, by any foreign business.  This includes the ‘incorrect’ use of eminent domain. Eminent Domain specifically designates its use as for ‘public use’ only. A bridge or road that serves the whole of The Public, not to enrich a developer. This needs to be defined in such a way as to prevent its further misuse. I offer that the legal parameters under which Indian land can be taken, be ‘required’ at all times.

Bureau of Land Management is to preserve the lands in a Trust for our country. They may not offer use to any foreign entity, state, or interest without the express permission of We The People. This especially applies to  the taking of any natural resources on, in, or under that land.

IF there is any question of usage in close proximity, that ‘may’ cause harm to wildlife, fauna (plants), or impinge the quality of and/or detract from the ‘pristine’ nature of an area, this is prohibited until a ‘full’ study is made.

There are many laws that do not offer what was intended, eminent domain being only one.

There are several ‘pipelines’ that, because of their location, endanger very large areas and millions of people. This is another almighty bottom line scene that has to be addressed. Notice that profits over rule safety of our water supplies. That corporations, and/or financial interests outweigh everyone’s safety. This is why unions started, to take care of those who were/are doing the work. Now, even those protections are being taken away. Just as with a professional athlete, a worker in many industries, has only a limited number of years they can work. Protections, safety, compensation, are the correct way to address these ‘life’ long problems. People are the largest expense, and require too much compensation, to be economically viable? Think of automation and robots. Now understand that machines will eventually be doing most of the present ‘people jobs’.

I suggest there be union training for the positions requiring specialized skills; further, that unions, in specific areas, continue to offer the well trained workforce they have given us in the past. Be advised, limit the ‘taking’ from companies, BUT, also require the same ‘costs’ American companies pay. Several countries subsidize certain industries, and take unfair advantage of our markets and our people. A few of these problems have or are being addressed.

This writing is intended to address problems on a global scale. I hope the many this will reach, especially those who govern, stop using ‘austerity’ as an excuse, and look into ways to compliment both ‘sides’ of these issues.