I have heavy southern heritage. The Confederate Battle Flag is a part of American History, like it or not. My family has been heavily involved in The Civil Rights movement. Following that, in today’s United States, we have one serious problem. The ‘idea’ of being ashamed by those who refuse anything less than ‘not offending’ anyone, has a source. The Fascist/Liberal contingent that believes it is in charge of our thoughts, speech, and actions. I strongly suggest that this ‘group’ study our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and especially ‘Equal Protection Under The Law’. The ‘Objections’ to The Confederate Battle Flag are RACIST… Everyone needs to pay attention to the efforts to control that are NOT covered in our Constitution, by anyone or group. We have a Creator given right to Free Will Decision… You don’t like what is on a TV channel, you have the ‘Right’ to change channels. No one has the ‘Right’ to tell anyone else the channel is being removed because it offends certain people.

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