Rebuttal to Jason RE: TOPPT

                      Financial Reality
                  Here it is in a nutshell.
               This does NOT have the legal/lawful standing
everyone is looking for. IT does NOT work this way.
              However, there is remedy available through similar action
AFTER one other major detail has been attended to.
              Only after the existence of these ‘corporate entities’ is established
through correct procedure, can they be contested.
              Although simple, this prerequisite is required.
              The second part establishes that these ‘entities’ are fraudulent in
their basis, which goes to their ‘rights’ as defined by their respective charters.
              That their charters overstepped the authority of those agreeing to
the original inception. Being Unconstitutional, none of these ‘entities’ can
exist, let alone exercise the authorities as given or taken.
              This is one portion of the Keenan suit.
              It is the second part/impact that begins to offer true remedy.
              Only those controlling the Collateral Accounts have true authority
of any kind.
              It is these ‘Controllers’ who have decided to ‘call’ each ‘account’
due and payable in full. This requires repayment of the collateral and the
interest of 4% per anum.
              Because each borrower ‘monetizes’ its collateral into currency,
this will (potentially) collapse all ‘credit instruments’ including bonds,
money’s, and all other government holdings.
              It then falls to We The People to decide how not to have this happen
again. The restructuring will be offered after this settlement takes place.
              ~ Drake
———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Jason Mcpherson
Date: Fri, Jan 11, 2013 at 1:06 PM
Subject: Excerpt from: Commentary by Brian on the TOPPT and a Discussion between Lisa M. Harrison and Adnan Sakli
To: onefreepeople@gmail.comDrake & Company and All Loving Co-Creators,

All Heather and TOPPT have done is used the highly complex legal system against those who created it to protect themselves. They hid the secret of bringing the whole house of cards down inside the cracks where they were convinced no one would ever look. Quite possibly, they never knew that the formula existed. But it does, and now it’s time for the whole house of cards to come crashing down. All the documentation has been properly and LEGALLY EXECUTED and FILED. The disconnect from the community who doubts this possiblity, lies in the lack of understanding that these protocols DO NOT need the backing of the old systems (aka the BAR, the Hague, the World Court, the United States Government Corporation, etc.) to confirm or deny their validity. They DO NOT nor have EVER held such authority. We “THE PEOPLE” have always been in control. We have just been led to believe otherwise. Well guess what? The gig is up. The work has been DONE, and soon the lies will no longer be able to hide the TRUTH of what IS. We “THE PEOPLE,” NOW have the power to take back that which has always been rightfully OURS.
We The People Are Free…