Many have a lot to learn in consideration of this list.
Let the world know when ‘Validation’ of this is available.
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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Message to: Mr. Lew, Mr. Dempsey, & CEO of Wells Fargo —— GET IT DONE NOW!

Message to:  Mr. Lew, Mr. Dempsey, & CEO of Wells Fargo

OK, it’s been said

  1. Supposedly, Christine Largarde of IMF pressed the button in front of the World Court at 4:45 pm EST on 5/6 and this sent the RV in motion
  2. Supposedly, 200 WF bankers were arrested over the weekend on 5/3 – 5/5
  3. Supposedly, over 5/4-5/5 weekend, all the banks in US updated or replaced file Servers to work directly with the US Treasury and not the Federal Reserve.
  4. Supposedly, all the banks of 208 countries are on the same banking system
  5. Supposedly, WF, Chase, CB applied for Sovereignty Papers to remove themselves from Federal Reserve System and allowing themselves to be US Treasury banks during week April 28th and was granted
  6. Supposedly, said this week May 5th, new US Treasury dollars to appear 5/15 backed by GOLD and other precious metals
  7. Supposedly, April 28th week, Judge Roberts release the Gold Certificates for the Farm Claim Lawsuit recipients
  8. Supposedly, April 28th week, The Supreme Court Justices have  been in RENO witnessing the release of the Farm Claim Lawsuit documents
  9. Supposedly, April 28th week, WF CEO was fired, thought arrested, however, appeared before the US Supreme Court to argue the case in behalf of George Bush (Sr./Jr.) to stop the Farm Claims Lawsuit release. Judge Roberts supposedly told them to take a hick and ordered the release of the funds.
  10. Supposedly, New file servers were installed over the weekend at Treasury freeing them from the Federal Reserve System on April 27 / 28 while under protection of special forces
  11. Supposedly, the numbers has been on the WF screens for weeks and no one pulled the trigger.
  12. Supposedly, Wells Fargo owner Warren Buffet (with silent partners  Bill Gates, George Bush, Queen of England) has sold their controlling interest in WF to the Old Chinese Family (69% ownership).  Just got to ask the question:  Why would they Buffet (Bush, Gates & Queen) who do not want the RV to happen, who do not want the Farm Claim Lawsuit to be paid out, or who do not want the prosperity packages released to the people every sell their ownership???
  13. Supposedly, Wells Fargo was always a gold backed bank since Queen was involved with them too …
  14. Supposedly, All Bankers have the entitlements from England as do the BAR attorney’s which makes them British Citizens and not US Citizens who control your money & laws who are manipulate countries for WAR profiteering
  15. Supposedly, Citibank was not able on their own to achieve Basel 3 banking compliancy, so Russia came in and bought controlling interest and later sold to the Old Family Chinese who backed them with enough gold to qualify for Basel 3.
  16. Supposedly, Chase CEO Jamie Damon resigned;
  17. Supposedly several weeks prior Jamie Damon was arrested and questioned on bad banking practices and he squealed about all the plans against the We THE People.
  18. Supposedly, Chase is now Basel 3 complaint where I fine this funny since they were one of the worst on derivatives with Gold Certificates.  Do you smell a deal done!!
  19. Supposedly, On the Tom Hennigan report, Flag Officers have been assigned to US Treasurer Jack Lew to run this process on taking down the US Corporation and installing the Republic form of US Constitutions government plus releasing of the RV, Farm Claim Lawsuit and prosperity packages
  20. Supposedly, On the Benjamin Fulford report, US Military led by General Dempsey & the military need to temporarily take over the key centers of power. They need to send troops to occupy the following places: the Federal Reserve Board branches, the Congress, the Senate, the White House, the Supreme Court, the Justice Department, the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, the major media companies and the Council on Foreign Relations. General Dempsey, the Republic is waiting on YOU Sir, how many orders do you need, get with it.
  21. Supposedly, Governor of CBI, US Treasury Secretary, & WF CEO (old Chinese Family Nephew?) to make the final arrangements.  So, make the arrangements and get on with this …

So with all this said, WHERE is the evidence to show TRUTH! It’s all talk with no evidence of action.

  1. OK, public announcement, General Dempsey, get on with it.
  2. OK, public announcement, US Treasury Sect. Lew, get on with it.
  3. OK, public announcement, CEO of Wells Fargo, get on with it or we will remove your Bank Charter effective immediately and you will be out of business
  4. OK, public announcement, Old Family of China, get on with it, enough talk, American’s move much faster and expect actions.  Our culture is take action; your culture is allow time.  Must understand Sir, our Government, Banking, Legal practices are corrupt and need a complete overhaul per our Declaration of Independence circa 1776 and circa 2012.

We THE People who are the Civilian Authority, under Original Jurisdiction of the Constitution 1789, Bill of Rights 1891, with original 13thAmendment having superior position over US Corporation and the US Military. We the people do here by say GET IT DONE NOW!
REF:       Declaration of Independence 2012            Order #1 – 10

Posted by John MacHaffie at  1:36 PM