The work is great, the laborers few.

In order to better serve the ‘ideals’ of ‘militia’, those who wish to become involved have to know what a ‘militia’ is, and the difference between an organized and unorganized militia.

This is an ‘Unorganized Militia’ (I recommend doing an online search at this point).

Unorganized Militia means a ‘Citizen’ or ‘Community’ oriented group. This is also known as The People’s Militia or Sovereign Militia, in service to a ‘state’ or ‘sovereign’. This is a peace time army also known as a Reserve Militia.

In 1590 this is defined as a military force raised from the civilian population, 1665 era. They are not paid soldiers, but serve as volunteers on an ad hoc basis- to protect the freedom of their home and country.

By 1774, companies of ‘Minutemen’, consisting of 50 men each were established.

>This all bears on taking care of our several communities. This can be any ‘duty’ to any citizen in need, no matter the need. The idea is one of professionalism, where the ‘duty’ is carried out in the same light as any service to one’s country.

It is through these actions that Honor, Courage, and Patriotism is evidenced and experienced.

The things to avoid are those that go against the basis of better judgement, and are not within the boundaries of our Constitution.

Using correct means to accomplish results are very different than the ‘games’ being played out on some internet sites. Forget the idea of anti-government efforts, of gun slingers ruling the day, and that any true militia believes in a shooting revolution. This could not be further from the truth, and in most cases is dealt with by expulsion. Being armed has its place, however, an unregulated militia is made up of civilians, and is not any kind of paramilitary force. There is a ‘military’ style of command but only for organization purposes, not as a direct military force.

Any commander will express that there does need to be a familiarity with firearms, and a military style training in basic tactics is needed. This is in the event that regular military can not respond to a military problem. In such a case, the Irregular Militia will be called on to defend against forces that are hostile, invading, or offering direct actions against our country.

This leaves everyone in a state of, what now?

Natural disasters of any kind causes extreme needs to be met. As such, the Unregulated Militia becomes the first responders. Usually the need is to secure people, attend to damages, and offer those fast arriving sets of hands in order to help. In some cases we will be helping fight the problems that arise. This goes to the second part of all this…

Training, skills, expertise, and abilities others do not have. Rappelling on rope, fighting fires, and being able to safely get people to safety… Team work, knowing how to use equipment, understanding that you may be partly on your own until backup arrives. -Backing up a little more, we get to individuals… Are you one of those who can be counted on to sacrifice? That means putting in the time it takes to learn new skills, to come to the designated meeting place on time and sober. You might just miss a really good game of some sort or be out in weather that ain’t fit to be in…all because you might feel it is more important to be an able team player than not. This has to be the very first decision anyone makes. I offer the question, just how important are the members of your family to you? Think about how people would feel when you save their kid or grandmother…think of how you will feel about that.

I have heard most excuses and have some originals of my own… No excuses, no hangovers, no no-shows…just do it. Some of the best people in these groups are those who have never had anything important enough to get them to give it up, put the beer down, and get off the couch…Think of being part of a group that goes out into the woods and finds a lost child. Picture that. Pulling someone’s grandmother out of a burning building, while your buddies fight the fire.

Who are you really? What is the content of your character? How much heart, courage, and strength can you add to this type of effort?

Be more and a better person than opinions of you might be… In this case it is all about you. What are you made of? IF you know you have what it takes, this is the chance to prove it to yourself, and show others that maybe opinions were wrong.

Recruiting? No way. Asking? You bet I am. Opportunity has a shelf life, what is yours? I know of no better way for an average person to experience awesome results if they never challenge themselves.

The age range is 17 – 45, and yes you were/are drafted, according to The Constitution. Bet few, if anyone, knew…? I suggest that the above ages be adjusted to include those of greater age than 45, according to their ability to either contribute and/or have the physical capability to work at the required level.  Those who accept the personal challenge need to know that you may be working closely with people you don’t like, or a kid who thinks they know it all… There are no promises of this being easy in any way shape or form.


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