Pricing of Commodities and Your Rights

For those who watch the overall markets, I need everyone to note a problem.

There has been a world wide glut of oil and all of its products. This was seen by the drop in all oil related product pricing, crude, gasoline, diesel, and the folding of many fracking fields resulted.

In the beginning of this ‘glut’, there was a three year + supply waiting for delivery. This did not deter producers from continuing production. A close look into the physical areas of these producers shows that most everything that could hold crude was full. This extreme glut has lessened only slightly over the time between then and now.

What the world has now is approximately a two year glut, and yet producers continue production. In addition, the US strategic reserve has been being added to through contracted deposits, which simply aggravated the situation.

A covert effort was made to replace currencies with oil. This failed badly, but markets are still very subject to commodity price fluctuations. ALL the values of currencies, and ALL commodities are directly impacted by oil prices, etc. ‘They’ still have their fingers in it.

Just as with precious metals, the oil markets are ‘rigged’ ‘controlled’ by those who’s god is the almighty bottom line. Supply and demand have nothing to do with the pricing of any of the commodities, but only a demand for greater profits.

There is and are no supports for increases, but the price ‘adjusts’ anyway. Pick any commodity to see the arbitrary fluctuations in prices. What has gone down in price lately?

The ‘collusion’ is between finance, commodities, and the suppliers of these commodities. Suppression of true market value has been ‘institutionalized’ to the extent that ALL large holders of any ‘equity’, are able to manipulate consumer costs according to whim.

In reality, there are fewer people working and that translates into a smaller demand for everything associated, gas, lunch, etc. Further, ALL the systems are designed to enable ‘fixers’ to do as they please. A lack of demand then comes to government being in collusion in terms of keeping their status quo running, so taxes go up. Government has to keep its ‘continuity’ and in all cases, those who can least afford it, get to pay. Sound familiar? It should.

Until the ‘illegals, crooks, and suppressors’ are brought under real control, We The People are at a distinct disadvantage, and get to pay the price. There is a way to start offering a ‘people control’ of markets. Simply, buy only exactly what you need of everything you use. Yes, take advantage of the two or more for one deals, but do not buy cases.

All ‘producer’ nations/economies, want our money and we need them to play fair. Several countries have been handed back the problems they have been giving America and her people for years. Tariffs on industries that have continued to ‘dump’ their subsidized products into our markets, will help level the playing fields.

IF a large number of people would like ‘a fair chance’, reasonable opportunity, and a full coverage level playing field, action is required. The big problem is that you have a pipeline of supply, and it takes time to see the promised effects, in jobs, etc. It is the second part of this that requires that action/involvement, and is critical in importance.

We The People, ALL of us, have been being subject. IF this is a ‘free country’, why is that, and better yet, how?  Believe it or not, this is simple but not easy.  ALL of the people will need to use some existing law to get the desired results. There are many ways to do this, but a select few work better than the other options.

Identify the problem, very specifically, no generalities no matter the problem. Why? When looking into legal applications, you will find that law, especially in application, is very specific. Pick the violation, and attend to it through the law. Never take the heat directly, make the law take the heat. The second part of this deals with ‘policy’ at any level. Any policy that is unfair can be held in court as a violation of ‘rights.’ This includes school funding, housing, and distribution of public services. Those with very limited resources, can file a complaint as an ‘indigent’. This does away with most all fees, etc. What is interesting, is that most countries have this provision.

All of everybody will need to get involved in this effort, as it needs to be global. Wherever you are, take your public officials and your government to task, holding them ‘responsible’.

Thank you,