Politically, I am a ‘radical conservative’, and it is great fun. How about ‘we’ stir this pot of tax/finance? Calling all crooks, legislators and thieves. As has been done to others, removing your wallet out of the reach of too high taxes (their excuse), drives companies to move. Let’s git ‘Radical’ then! Lower the corporate tax rate. Then lock up the piggy bank. How? Simply, ALL revenue generated in the US stays in the US. No transfers out of country to suit pockets in other places, that ends up right back here. Yes, I said it! ALL of this is the legal sidestepping used by the financial elitists. Then add one stipulation in the form of a direct deduction of 10% when paid against poverty here. IF the world is considered, use another 10% directly against poverty wherever it exists. After all, this be a good deal fer alla usins… Mr. Corp. gits a 20% reduction of taxes and most everyone gains.

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