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If you are not of strong mind, do not do this.

The strong mind is a combination of your determination to get better, AND the way you were before the problems began.


Be sure you are ready to do this. I offer that another person you trust read what to do to and for you. That they direct you into and through this.  I recommend another vet who is not troubled and has good intuition.

First, relax. Be in a place you feel comfortable in, outdoors is recommended.  The person who administers this needs to be able to walk all the way around you.  Both need to talk this over, read the paper silently, first the one getting the treatment, then whomever the buddy is.

In starting to lead a person back to the incident, have them close their eyes. Have them give a description of where they are at, open area, a village, or mountains.  Describing everything, heat from the sun, cold from winter, the smell of dust, animal dung, food cooking…ALL of everything that can be remembered.

Do- you hear the crunch of dirt under your boots?  smell the dung and cooking?  hear the noise you all are making as you walk along?

Start putting this memory into the reality that is seen behind those closed eyes…What were you doing just before?  Get all the details of exactly what happened, a shot, a mine, a firefight…whatever was going on.  How were the others acting? What were they doing?

Have it told exactly what happened, who died, any splatter, blood or body parts, all the gory details…Can you see it? Smell it?

Are you there? Experiencing it all over again? Is it all real?


Open your eyes right now!

What do you see?

Do you see any of what you saw a minute ago? Or do you see what is in front of you?

If you don’t see it, then is it real?

IF what you saw and experienced was not real then it must be in your mind…right?

Yeah, not easy to think about, either what happened or if it is real or not.

You need to accept that because that is how it is.

So now what?

How about you learn how to fix the problem


First things first.

Close your eyes again.

See what you saw that was so terrible, see it clearly.

Is it in full color? Is it a bright clear picture?

Look very carefully at that image, see all the detail of it…

Now you are a movie producer who is in full control.

Start by slowly taking the color out…when you get as far as you can, you then start darkening it by turning down the brightness…You may need to practice these two things, so practice, practice, practice…

After you take almost all the light and all the color out of this put it under a rock in your mind for a few.

Every military person I know knows what a foot locker is.

Look over in the corner of your mind to find yours. If it ain’t there put one there.

Make sure it has a hasp in order to close it.

Grab hold of the ‘picture’ image, fold it in half, put in the locker, close the lid and hasp.

This is how the mind forgets things it does not want to remember.

That is the memory and dream part of this, the way to reverse things, making it go away.

The List

You need to make a list of the things that bother you…ALL of them.

IF you have a family, have the wife and kids make a list too.

Compare lists. You’ll all find things out about each other, and now each of you knows and has a list of botherations…help each other with these lists.


1- noises, what they are which bother you the most, etc.

2- conditions, what kind of situations makes you uneasy…crowds, etc.

3- your choice, deal directly or go another way depending on how you feel about it.

4- relearn about the trust of those who love you. Do not feel like they are requiring anything.

Reminder List

1.  Practice relaxing, just like the calm and cool in combat, only let the tension/stress flow out of you.

2.  Feel this running from your head to your shoulders, down your arms and out your fingertips. Feel it going down your body to your legs and out of your feet.

3.  Go to as quiet a place as you can. Get comfy and close your eyes. See if you can not think of anything just your mind and maybe the breeze, leaves in a tree, or a bird call…practice until nothing bothers you.

4.  Remember that this is ALL in your mind and is NOT real. If you need one, put a lock on the foot locker.

5.  Deal as directly as you can with that savage renegade playing with your mind, put it in that locker!

6.  Never give up. You now have the basic tools/weapons to fight back, go get em!

7.  In all this do not give the bastard the satisfaction.

6 & 7 kind of go together.

8.  Trigger- you turn me on…what ya got a switch? A trigger is like that. You need to learn to put the safety on.

IF you went through combat and they couldn’t kill you, then why give up the battle now? (see # 7)

There are many who are taking their own lives…too many. This treatment makes the hurt a lot less. In many cases that pain goes away almost completely. Dealing with everything gets easier, smoother, and you probably won’t need the alcohol or drugs anymore.

Many who have and are still using this treatment, are doing a lot better now, are you ready to get better?

Bear in mind this is a Permanent Condition. This means that the thing may/will come up once in a while.

The difference is that no one can heal you. That is between you and the Creator…

What you will find with this is that IF you do what is stated, you regain a very good measure of control.

As you learn the things that are your triggers, you then can deal with them without all the craziness, upset, and getting mad for no reason.

That balance you had will return, as this allows for you to heal up for the most part.

None of this is easy. You will have to fight for your right to have a life, once again…

I suggest you print this out and keep a copy for reference, just in case you need part of it you may not remember.

Your move on the great chess board of life.

~ Drake

Nam 67-68