OOEE! Guns! Irrespective of what the misinformed Huffington post says or believes, there is just one glaring error in all this. The NRA got it right when demanding enforcement of existing gun laws. The problem with this ‘political football’ is that not one of any of those who want a gun free society has even hinted of enforcing present gun laws. Why not, Huffington Post? Is it that you are too busy using the ‘accepted’ political spin to ask the real question? The progressive/socialist efforts to remove guns will not work. Why? It is known as The Second Amendment. The Supreme Court ruled that the individual has the right to keep and bear arms. Yes we need to get illegally held guns off the streets and the crooks who use them Illegally. From what Huffington Post writes, you get a big FAIL. If you are NOT part of the solution, you are part of The Problem.

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