Oligarch Problem

There are and have been, many who interfere in the interior workings of Sovereign States/Governments, directly, indirectly, and overtly.

These are those who hide by using indirect means in finance and recruiting.

To date, I am wondering why none of the countries have taken issue with this?

How is it that an outsider can get away with illegal influence and not be taken to task for the problems caused?  Specifically, hiring people as ‘crisis actors’, rioters, and supporting designated ‘terrorist groups’?

I am, and have, recommended that this person be arrested for Insurrectionist activities.

By definition; Insurrection : an act or instance of revolting against a civil authority or an established government.

This includes hiring people to do so.

This person’s name is, George Soros.

Several countries have come under his influences of bribery, inciting rioting, and attempting to intimidate officials.  I wonder if intimidation is how this man avoids having to answer for what he has done? Did he amass his billion$ legally, or is he illegitimate in finance too?

America may not be the most favored country, but Soros has incited riots and paid indirectly for them multiple times. The last news about Soros activities stipulates he has and is looking to do the same in The EU.

It is past time for arrest and prosecution of Soros. An international warrant would prevent ducking responsibility for his actions.