>>>NEWS RELEASE<<<
               Everyone should know by now that those of us
who provide the information that is sent, do our best to
offer the real and whole Truth.
               Certain of my Intel people are telling me this same
story. So, after several say the same thing, I listen.
               Several of us have outed the OPPT/SwissIndo
Group as being Bogus Scams.
               It seems our sending information to authorities
is beginning to pay off.
               It seems that 11 of 15 OPPT persons are hiding
out in the mountains in Ethiopia…and The FBI is actively
looking for them.
               Those who are in Indonesia from SwissIndo are
hiding out in the jungles of Indonesia…
               They have found out that it is NOT a good idea
to call for the people of any Nation to remove their leaders.
               The idea of ‘telling’ the people of any nation to
take such action, is covered by both National and International
               The OPPT/SwissIndo Group decided to further their
scam by involving people of Several Sovereign Nations.
               They have found that most take issue with people
who attempt to start Revolutions, especially for no reason.
               I hope this helps clear the air.
                 ~ Drake