The last time our great nation had an internal disagreement, we fought each other. Before my name was Bailey, it was Dixon, and yes reference that Mason Dixon line. With all the ‘changes’ over those years, I don’t know any who would refuse their own Honor. The idea of ‘dissin’, that act of disrespecting another’s existence, has changed too. Bring your Rebel Battle Flag, your Yankee Flag, your Black Panther Flag, and together we will fly The People’s flag, ‘Don’t Tread On Me’… Come together, join or die, and show your Honor by standing for FREEDOM! That The People no longer need to live in the fear of maybe dying in the streets over nothing at all. Protesters, Dissidents, Objectionists, Freedomizers, Constitutionalists, it is time We The People take back our country, that ALL can be Free again.

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