Neil Keenan Update – SwissIndo/Oppt don’t have offices in Jakarta like their documentation would have us believe.

Neil Keenan Update – SwissIndo/Oppt don’t have offices in Jakarta like their documentation would have us believe. ~J (Video)

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I thought this horse was dead, so it didn’t seem to make sense to continue to beat it . . . but apparently it isn’t dead .. . . . as you can see . . . (the following info was sent to me yesterday). I guess some people want to continue to believe in an organization that is not based in reality, and that is, of course, their choice. But for those of you who are open to looking at the truth, Neil’s video, showing his concern for those who continue to want to buy into this con, is  just another proof that OPPT is a total fake.

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  • a courtesy notice is a lawful binding contract with specific Terms and Conditions to stop anyone and there actions against you to leave u alone.If they dont listen u send them a bill for mental anguish and harm plus time and we all know time means money to some,This has been filed and documented OPPT UCC 1-103.I UV OPPT Tool Complete.TPW are freaking out there time is almost over.Have a great day.
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  • Dear Col here is some info i think will help look ups. I UV Courtesy Notice..Actual Incident or Courtesy Notice Future Action. I UV original-OPPT UCC filings.Military Order-OPPT-IN .Swissindo UN Order to the Provost Marshalls.Military Order2012096074. UN Executive Order 104333 Swissindo Military Order financing Statement .YouTube The End Game Agreement-UCC Doc#2000043135-OPPT.Swissindo is going to release the funds called the Collateral Accounts.$6 Mi pp..Mass Arressts corp gov criminals. YTB.

Yes, if you were involved in it, you learned a lot about the ponzi scheme – and that’s a good thing, but that was not the intention of this bunch of people. Con artists know that they must ‘sell’ a large amount of truth, so they can plant their hook/deception deeply. I take the risk of your ire in order to state one last time my belief that these people are con artists. Please believe me, this is not real; it is a scam . .  I thought you might want to see the following, brief video:

Because of the acoustics in the lobby of this building, the background sound makes it difficult to hear this quick, non-professional video, but the truth is still clearly stated. Thanks to Neil, Incul, and Jo who found the time to share this with us. They are caring men who just don’t like to see good people duped! ~J

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. . . and just in case you never saw this foolish SwissIndo video that goes on and on and on and on . . . . 

. . . and here is a website that shows more of their foolishness. . . I hope this closes the door on this issue for most of you. Of course, these kinds of people will always find those who are willing to believe this kind of con: Peoples Trust of Maylasia