Neil Keenan Speaks about Chiasso

Neil Keenan Speaks about Chiasso

Posted on June 4, 2013

Neil speaks about what happened in Chiasso in a comment to reader who suggested that: “A Mr. Dung Anh, Executive Assistant to the President at Dragon Family, states Mr Keenan and Mr Yagamuchi are not members of Dragon Family, they are fake. Something is clearly afoul!”

My response to the reader’s comment was: “I’m not sure about what you speak. No one ever stated they were members of the Dragon Family, did they? I also haven’t a clue about Mr. Dung Anh . . . never heard the name before . . . I wouldn’t worry about any of it though . . .”

Neil then stated the following, which has been edited a bit for clarity:

Yes you are right, Jean, no one ever really does—only Mr. Anh, but let’s get to what I did not mention yesterday because I was in a hurry. I never leave my friends out there to dry, so here is my response to the Yamaguchi part of Mr. Anh’s blabbing. The first is that the Dragon Family never announces who they are, and they lay low and never expose themselves as he has done. They are more than 3000 years old, and most people have never heard of them and never speak about them. YOU DO!!!! YOU tell anyone who will listen who you are, or what you want them to believe.

Now, on the other hand what I have witnessed myself and know about Mr. Yamaguchi and Watanabee: One thing for certain is they never want anyone to know who they are. They are quiet, discerning people. When we walk into a bank—and we have walked into many—the bankers all know who they are and try to do business with them. One banker in Zurich categorically stated, “I have waited forever to meet you Mr. Yamaguchi and it is my pleasure.” Agencies have told me that for 20 years Yama did not step one foot into Europe; they were amazed I could get him to fly there to work with me. As for Watanabee, he is the ex-VP of a very large corporation in Tokyo, so most people already know who he is, and he is not only brilliant in the banking world, but quiet and calculating as well. He is a wonderful person.

CHIASSO: Everyone wants to know about Chiasso and there is nothing to know. The Italians stole the bonds. Berlusconi and the Italian Financial Police conspired with the West’s Alan Greenspan to ambush Yamaguchi and Watanabee at the Chiasso border after telephoning him and telling him they were ready to complete the deal now. The police did not look around for anyone at the border, they looked for Yamaguchi and Wata. They were questioned and brought before a Judge who was warned by Mr. Yamaguchi that he, the judge, was making a big mistake. That they better call the Prime Minister or the Chief of the Italian Central Bank before proceeding. When the Judge requested Yama to tell him who he worked for Yama made it clear only the very top could hear this and he was not the top, not near it. Yama also advised the Judge that should they be arrested the Italian Government would be bankrupt soon after, because they owed their family and could not pay them back. This is why Yama and Wata were released. The Italian Judiciary and Government were afraid it would come back to bite them but what they did do was steal the bonds which is another story in itself. It is part of my lawsuit which will be refiled.

Well, when we investigated, it did come back to bite them!!!!! We read that they had been sentenced to 3 1/2 years imprisonment in abstentia. Where was this printed? Berlusconi’s family newspaper in Como. When checking this out our lawyers were told by the Library or Clerk in Rome not to return or they would have trouble. We paid no attention, and our lawyers then went to Milan and checked out the files, only to find there were not any. The Clerk said go back to Rome and they have them. Enough chasing!

What eventually happened was we were able through  someone we thought was a friend to acquire the telephone number of the head of the Interpol Division in Italy, who worked with the Financial Police. This gentleman worked with our attorney and went through all three data bases, and guess what? No case and no files!

It was all a con to steal the notes.

We later learned that they attempted to sell them back to the Chinese with no luck and then finally worked something out with the Federal Reserve. There are so many twists to this, and most of them are real, and 99 percent of them I may never tell you.

So let me get everything straight from above: Yama never told anyone nor does anyone involved with the DF or any secret Family reveal who they are or what they do. They remain silent as Yama does. As Wata does. As they all do. They never expose themselves and are damned happy that I am fighting for them and always have been. I have all the support I need to move forward with what I do, but does Dung Anh? Does he really represent the DF so loudly and in such a lofty position for a teenager? If he is not a teenager, he should know better. Understandably General Hanh has retired (96 years old—or 97 now), but it does not change over 3000 years of history and privacy.

I sugggest Mr. Anh put up all his papers here on Ms. Haines site so we can really see who he is. I have Mr. Yamaguchi’s.

Now where are your’s Mr. Anh? We know Mr. Yamaguchi’s check out clearly, how about yours?


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