NDAA, Homeland Security Act, and other acts of Sedition

NDAA, Homeland Security Act, and other acts of Sedition
          To All :
      This news ‘Item’ seems to be all the rage in fear porn.
     Be Advised :  Due to the ideas of a few, The United Nations
has taken upon itself, ‘authority/authorities’ that are not within
its power to entertain or execute.
     The basis of ‘State’ are grounded in and founded upon the
principles of ‘Sovereignty’.
     The rule of Sovereignty contains within it The Unalienable Rights
that can only be given to man by The Creator.
     In order to ‘invoke’ any sovereign (absolute) control, ALL ‘States’
Require the ‘consent’ of those Governed.
     The United Nations has been operating outside these basis in law
and is therefore mute and disallowed from issuing any ‘edict’ intended
to impact any ‘sovereign’ people or country.
     Only after the people and government of each ‘State’ gives up their
unalienable right to ‘Sovereignty’ can any ‘ruling/mandate/legality’ be enforced
upon anyone.
     To date I have not heard or seen any ‘Nation or State’ willing to surrender
their Unalienable Sovereignty.
     This means that those ‘representatives’ who have offered their ‘states’ or
nations to be ruled by such edicts/mandates/legalities have committed an
act of Treason against their country and people.
      In The United States of America the law calls this ‘sedition’ and is a
prosecutable offense.
      Further, any attempt by any agency or group of individuals to enforce
such an edict, is an act of war, and an appropriate response should be made.
        ~ Drake
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