More for ya – maybe it is time to ask WHY?

         Is it time to rise up?
       Is this enough or not?
       In a few more days many of these things will change.
       I suggest patience, after all we are dealing with government…
you know…hurry up an wait.
       The WAIT CLUB is still there…hehehe
         ~ Drake
There is a correction in the LINKS DOC SENT EARLIER TODAY in the first paragraph it should say “1.626 MILLION rounds of hollow point ammunition purchased and stock piled by Homeland Security” not 1.626 MILLION Smart Meters

No More 4th Amendment: DHS Can Still Seize Belongings Without Reason

CONTRIBUTOR: RussiaToday. The Fourth Amendment no longer means what you once thought it did: A new report reveals that the government has shrugged off concerns over the alleged constitutional infringements of its own citizens near international crossings. An internal review of the US Department of Homeland Security’s procedures regarding the suspicionless…
The Fema Camp Bill Is Back!

The Fema Camp Bill Is Back!CONTRIBUTOR: BARRACUDA. Source: Lee Rogers, It looks as if Representative Alcee Hastings a Democrat from Florida has decided to reintroduce his FEMA Camp bill. A few years ago I was the first person to write an article about this awful piece of legislation. Fortunately, I was successful in exposing it to…
Wired: Constitution-Free Zone Upheld – Do You Live In A Place Where You Are No Longer Free? (video)

Wired: Constitution-Free Zone Upheld - Do You Live In A Place Where You Are No Longer Free?CONTRIBUTOR: Live Free or Die. According to this breaking story from Wired, the Department of Homeland Security’s ‘Watchdog’ has given the OK for the ‘suspicionless’ seizure of electronic devices along the borders of America. According to the map below from the ACLU, this includes a 100 mile perimeter along the entire border of the United…