KALB – Alexandria, Louisiana – Do you have a passport? If you are a Louisiana resident, come January 1 you’ll need one in order to fly in or out of any airport in the country. This may be the first time you’re hearing of this. And, you’re not alone. News Channel 5’s Brooke Buford (Twitter: @brookebuford) caught up with travelers about the change to hear their frustrations with the policy. “I think it’s a crock of junk and we’re losing our freedom,” said Don Maloyed, of Alexandria, as he waited at the airport on Tuesday. “We can always get in a car and drive out.” The boarding process just got a little more difficult for Don Maloyed. On January 1, he’ll be required to carry a passport if he wants to board a domestic flight, not just an international one. He was not alone with his frustrations. “I think that is crazy, really,” said Stephanie Jones, of Dry Prong. “Unless you are going out of the country.” “Do you think it’s overkill for security at that point?” asked reporter, Brooke Buford. Yeah,” said Jones. “I think so.” The TSA change is due to the 2005 Real ID Act, which requires travelers to have an enhanced security government issued ID. Forty-six states already have enhanced security built into drivers licenses. But, Louisiana, New York, Minnesota and New Hampshire don’t. In these states, you don’t have to show proof of residency or citizenship to get a license. The manager of Alexandria International Airport explained why. “In Louisiana, with the license, they have chosen not to have that in their driver’s license,” said Scott Gammel, airport manager of AEX. “So, beginning January 1, 2016, anyone travelling in the State of Louisiana must have that enhanced security feature. The driver’s license do not have that, so will have to have a passport or another form of federal government issued ID.” Acceptable IDs include passports or passport cards, permanent resident cards, U.S. military IDs or Department of Homeland Security trusted traveler cards. Laura Gates wasn’t worried. She already has a passport. “I try to use it as frequently as possible,” said Gates. “So, this isn’t really going to inconvenience you?” asked reporter, Brooke Buford. “No, it really won’t,” said Gates. However, Gammel worried it will be an inconvenience to others. “I believe people don’t understand yet and that’s why we want to make sure everyone is aware,” he said. “Louisiana has applied for a waiver for that to be able to waive and still be able to continue to use a driver’s license to board an aircraft, but if Louisiana is not granted that waiver, they will have to have flyers out of our Alexandria and the entire state of Louisiana, another form of identification.” Passports take between four and 12 weeks to get in the mail once you apply, so AEX recommends that you apply by October 1 if you plan to travel on or shortly after January 1. Children under 18 do not need a passport or other federal government ID when traveling with a companion.