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Something’s Up! RevMichelleHopkins Part 2 – HAARP, TTA’s & Weather Modification

Tuesday, July 2, 2013 21:53

(Before It’s News)

Several days ago we put out a story about a bizarre radar image appearing over the Washington DC area. A Beforeitsnews reader had sent us the image and asked that we get in contact with the Rev Michelle Hopkins and ask her to take a look at it and see what she thought. We just received an email from the Rev Michelle Hopkins and sure enough, she’s looked it over and has put out this video. Something’s up; but what?!

Video and info below published on Jul 2, 2013 by revmichellehopkins

SOMETHING’S UP!!! PART 2 RevMichelleHopkins, TheOldMarine1 Vauhn & Barry on HEADS UP WARRIORS – Blog Talk Radio with Kathy Rubio and Bill Greathouse.


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Uploaded: June 28, 2013

TTA = Tesla Tech Array. TTA’s are part of the global Tesla Technology network. They emit most ranges of high powered frequency from ELF to EHF and everything in between, audible and inaudible. They’re found on Satellites, HAARP type arrays, military vessels and in field, handheld and mobile. My videos are full of them. There are many Hydroacoustic TTA’s. They are used for everything from creating and manipulating weather to inducing earthquakes. Even molecular Dissociation down to a fine mist. More below.


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