Intel and The Real Truth

      [12/12/12 – The Grand master in Astria is the Koska brothers one was Nato command and the other the grand master of the masons taking orders from the Queen of England
Their current form of operations other than Raifessen bank is the PSA Software and financial systems worldwide who are using all the securities illegally via the international markets and working through Fiji in the South pacific under the US military command structures.
They are working in conjunction with the Albanian Mafia in Washington through Americare on Wall Street.
The oversight of that is the Gigante crime family with CRC securities who are former CIA operations people working with the Mossad and placing orders of deals from Toronto Dominion bank in Canada.
ICBC is the Canadian mounted police who are partners with DIA and the Nevada and California Mafia. In San Francisco they have a retired CIA operation room that works with Switzerland and Credit Swiss. IN Spain the Spanish Mafia working with Deutsche bank through the Lisbon Central banking systems and the French via Andora to launder drugs and arms money through the central operation rooms in Zaragoza, Spain  and Barcelona and the French military operations with the controlling part of the Mossad . Then the British from Bavaria with all of the Cancer agents with Bavaria and the Hanser Royals of Germany under the guidelines of Siemens , Krupp and the Mannesmann Group who were the original funders of the Nazi structures in Germany and the creators of WW2 to take back the throne for Edward from Victoria.
Drugs, Oil and arms that’s all that the problems are about.


Scocroft the same slug that Bush, Sr. made his national security adviser.  On the Watergate tapes available from the Nixon library Scowcroft told Nixon that there were as many as 300 American POWs held in Laos at that time more than a year after Operation Homecoming in May, of 1973, Bush, Sr. like his father just decided to subvert the POW issue for personal; profit.  Again if the secret CIA office designated “hotel California is ever opened for full public review the entire U S government will collapse within 3 days, the people will demand it.  And remember Australian, Ross Milosevic is a paid contractor of CIA station Bangkok, and thus a paid Bush, Sr. contractor, similarly Rick Wade of Valdez, Alaska is a good friend of top Nazi Armitage and also a paid Bush, Sr. contractor as is his faux business, the dots can be easily connected, it is all pure evil, and there must be justice, the sooner the better
> privileged information
– One live American POW by name is Captain Kenneth Stonebreaker, USAF, February, 2012 held in Vietnam right across the river from Savannakhet, Laos, we have a man on station in the open air flee market in savannakhet, Laos to pick up any further info, he is Stonebreaker’s common law father in law, see book An Enormous Crime by Hendon and Stewart, the 1990 live sighting report on Stonebreaker is referenced and quoted extensively, he is the guy missing his left hand from the ejection, female who nursed him back to health is his common law wife, her father works with us a retired Lao army officer, a Col, so there is at least one specific name and we know the exact current location of jack in Dien Bien Phu, and we know which guards can be bribed to gain access to obtain full name.  Names of all are held with photos and DNA samples in previously referenced :hotel California” also hold previously referenced master computer disc, with modified promise software list as noted
> On orders from Bush, Sr. Ed Meese stole the promis software, it was then sent to an Indian reservation in California and slightly modified, in the modified format there is a master computer disc, hold all the information of 200 to 500 live American POWs secretly returned and given new witness protection identities, along with all other data such as relocated locations, master disc is held in the previously referenced “hotel California’  it all comes up POWs, Bush’s father did the same thing in 1945,46 and 47, also for personal profit, reference secret Berger Codes, 1945, codes still in use today.  “hotel California still in operation as of this time, pure evil must be stopped for the sake of all humanity, looking forward to a positive sign on Saturday and major revelation in a few days
> specific name CWO William Milliner, but he may have died in Laos within the past year, not yet confirmed, but if the U N approved humanitarian aid project goes the exact date and burial location will be determined, I am sure his relatives would want to know, the U S government knew he was there all along, Bush, Sr. sentenced him to a harsh and gruesome death as a captive live POW, after decades of great suffering, pathet Lao military records are held in the warehouse at the 14 mile marker north of the capital in Laos, they will reveal the burial locations of all the live POWs Bush sentenced to death while they suffered in captivity,, it is a crime and Bush should be sentenced to death as a war criminal, the sooner the better, look forward to the news on Saturday and the “major revelation in a few days
> when the POE offer went to the White House in 1981 no one was buying.

Reagan and Allen wanted to do a rescue.  Bush and others opposed.

Meese supposedly said ‘who gives a damn about a bunch of POWs’.
> In China just north of the north Korean border, there is a large medical facility holding as many as 1,000 live American POWs one is named Zook, he is in a wheel chair, in the U S library of Congress there is a live sighting report on Zook  from the time there was a major earthquake in that exact area, the staff to save Zook pushed him out of the building, a few days later he was found rolling down the local road and returned to the medical facility, the U S government has known about this for years.  As many as 1,000 live POWs held.  If the U N humanitarian aid project for Laos get approved by the corrupted current Lao government,  then those 1,000 live POWs could be moved to Laos via Soon La a major transit point between Laos and China, and they could be staged for return to the U S on the aid delivery aircraft, under a U N designation of “humanitarian refugees” this would bring great  international humanitarian credit upon the new Chinese leadership, and further expose the war criminal Bush, Sr., especially since the U S government has had that Zook live sighting report for years publicly available in the library of Congress, for any bribed member of congress to see including that war hero fraud John McCain, I hope that this suggestion can  be included on the evolving agenda, Bus, Sr. Et all will have a lot of questions to answer and much explaining to do, back tomorrow, Lord willing


pics of caves, assets from 1950s !!!! And also people who worked for this CONTACT of mines family in the 40s, and up to the 60s whom were linked to EUR and AMERICAN principles and one of them is ROBERT LOVETT and AUGUSTUS LONG !!!!!! (From TEXACO and co – ROCKEFELLOR shit)….

FREEPORT is a totally CORRUPTED enterprise and I can take them down NOW. So this is what may help you. FORGET anything else like OBAMAs Birth CERT and FRNs… that’s just water on a bridge not under it !!! – WAIT TILL U SEE WHAT I WILL SHOW U. I have the entire package. HUEG files, MICRO film and Notes, Letters the LOT. And still getting them coming in. I have total EVDEINCE that FREEPORT were forced over CUBA MOA BAY where KENNEDY did the “JOB”, ( not at his will that is) I have papers showing the DUTCH were or conquered as it were on PAPER in 1500s, and companies owned by CHN and USA from DUTCH EAST INDIES which were in POWER under CHN for 200 years, in 1800 NEATHERLANDS took control till 1941 ( I have all this shit and its strikingly HORRFYING how and what and WHO were INV and did ) they caused war and disease and everything else to BAT control over it all for their own benefit.. PROB is SURHATO was part of it all…

STUFF that USA (BRITISH CROWN) paid JAPs to get to IND somewhere I think in 1940 and papers showing HATTA also signing forms (pics) to (not sure who) EUR or USA guys in SWITZ (WARWICK HOTEL), BRITISH then came to IND and took over IRAN JAYA (pics and papers) and KILLED many people to take over the place, I have pics of the TRIBES being SHOT by BRITISH not JAPS !!!!!!! KENNNDEY then was already involved in all this, A LOT Of film and pics and papers of CHN guy “CHOU EN LAI” was part and parcel of taking GOLD and giving FUNDS to SURHARTO and this is when the CIA got INV once they knew where the GOLD was and is they STOLE it. NOTHING TO DO WITH PKI. I know all the DUTCH HOLDING Co.’s and people SOME ALIVE today in UK. THESE Cos were CIA approved by CHN agents and were financed also. THIS Is when the BRITISH CROWN USED their 2 OIL companies that were controlled by AUGUSTUS LONG AND ROBERT LOVETT ( I know they bought GOLD but at same  time STOLE too) these are ROCKEFELLOR pawns, STANVAC were INV also and MOBIL COCONY at the time whom set up FREEPORT SULPHUR who I told u about…. I have all the shit on FRANK WIESER (CIA) doing this, and a guy called JOSEPH BURKHOLDER whom was a friend of SURHATO. (CIA) JOSEPH was part and parcel of the NSA; I have papers of this from 1960s and before. ALLEN DULES who DAD knows well was also INV in trying to work on methods but failed he then became a GOLD HUNTER in PI, (not sure where or how he is today must be DEAD at his age)…. ( but he knows everything)……PLEASE remember Neil at this time SHEFFIELD EDWARDS big wig for CIA at the time was working for BRITISH GOV and ROYAL FMAILY and CHN and USA and IND all at the same time…. HAVE A LOT OF ID stuff on ROIME and VATICAN re IND and these guys all LINKED for some reason as if its SAME CLUB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING…. Even the POPE. What I want to find out is why FREEPORT got INV and how and paid by whom and what I know all the companies who FREPORT are owned by in shares.. I can send all that to  u… CHARLES WIGHT was the actual “OWNER” and PRESDIENT and did jobs in CAN and UBA before IND, was a bad guy, he was part and parcel of MOA BAY SAGA, he was part and parcel of all the mini wars and SUICIDEs and MURDERs, horrible stuff, THIS WAS WHEN KENNEDY came in or so the papers I have say and state, about 1961 but some show he was WORKING before all this time, he knew SUKARNO was dealing with Russians and CHN with ARMs, but the idea KENNDEY had was to sort out WEST IRIAN and so this is where the GOLD AGREEMENT came out as so much was buried there, ( not to sure yet of this), KENNDY got a DUTCH and IND USA agreement taken up, Kennedys brothers got involved too or so the epics say, BUT what bugs me is the NSA agreement that KENNDEY had to agree with over IND in 1962, do u know of this ???? I have proof that KENNDEY was threatened to be killed by FREEPORT as was causing something beyond his depths,…. And was threatened many times, this can be proved it was PKI groups whom u know who was behind it… (FREEPORT itself) In 1965 KENNDEY borught over 100M from USA and other funds too, in exchange for GOLD NUGGETS that were refined by FREEPORT , ( BOBBY KENNEDEY), BUT then KENNDEY died, BOBBY still took over, BUT he had to follow ORDERs that KENNDEY himself didn’t want but have to RDO and change rapidly, PRES JOHNSON were instructed by UK to do this and that, and he had the funds to do so ( not sure where), THIS IS WHEN  a FRONT ( TEXACO) took power for BOBBY and JOHNSON, and run by AUGUSTUS LONGs principles as agents, The CO was called GOLDWATER, EDWARD KAISER was the CEO of it and even ROBERT LEHMAN too and THOMAS CABOT…. CRAZY…. TEXACO was a small time Co under STANDARD OIL and other, and I have all the papers of MULLEN CO that were negotiating on behalf of JOHNSON all thru this CHANGE…….. While AUGUSTUS came into GREAT funds and GOLD and POWERR he got to be promoted along the way and instructed SURKARNOs fate!!!!! (DEAD 1965).

PROOF that SURHARTO became conscious and aware what was happening and he tried to change his ways and FIGHT off the Companies and FIGHT off all the NEW to bring back the OLD… but……  PKI were by then knowing SURHAROTO wanted to change and so they did a lot of mini panics to prevent change and ABRUTION,…  (Epics of millions dead by what u will not believe) (This is proof CHN was inv and paid by the USA which is UK… crazy shit….. NO way GERMANS would do this! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is a lot of stuff that BOBBY gave SURHATO re FREEPORT SULPHOR and a DUTCH co called ERTSBERG, which showed GOLD was in the region,…… THIS is what interests me…AND these letters are from LANGBOURNE WILLIAMS>> BLAKHEATH knew him in the 1970s,.. (See my other emails)… THE SECRET GUY I am meeting is JULIUS TAHIJA he owns a hotel and under a NEW name and will not email or speak to me but will meet me when I sent him pics. he says he will share something with me that will help You….There is a lot about the BECHTEL meetings and papers here, and he was an OLD CIA agent and worked with ALLEN DULLEs, RICHARD HELMS is still alive and was in PI for many years in the 80s, 90s as Dad met him he would fly his plane around PI,..  THIS IS WHEN EXIM became INV with LONG into FREEPORT and how HENRY KEAMS came into giving power and funds, for FREEPORT but was all a front, AND he got caught and hence why he flew to PI>. Not sure where he is nowadays.. DUBAI probably…..

Proof all this above is controlled BY HENRY KISINGER 100% and GERALD FORD.


HUGE stuff on FREEPORT…. KISENGER was getting paid for all this!!!!! FREPORT Now own the NEW ( not yet but soon) coming WORLD FOOD and WATER that will supply shit food and water to the world soon….. I know all about JAMES MOFFETT>….WHAT is ruling IND is TEXAS, as FREEPORT rebuild and FIANNCES TEXAS Neil…..


– What originally was over 50,000 MTs of GOLD JAVA bars…… And now only 10 to 12MTs left.

I have links now to KISSENGER and his COMPANIES which are all ACOCUNTED for AT COUTTS in LON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!