I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t know about 911. I offer that it is the anniversary of one of the most Treasonous incidents in American history. The attack was premeditated and orchestrated by many whom are tasked with preventing similar attacks. The period before was marked by special disaster insurance taken out on the buildings. Several stocks were ‘shorted’ (bet that they would go down in value), and military intelligence knew. The ‘cover up’ has continued to this day, removal of special security, stand down of our National Defense Systems, and the blacked out special building maintenance (placement of steel cutting ordinance). > I offer that all those involved in this premeditated mass murder, are known, and on our list to be arrested. In looking into things of this nature, I’ve found that this was not the first time that such plans have taken place. To any self respecting Patriot, this kind of violation by those sworn to protect us, is extremely painful. Using the innocence of the love of country as a means of executing an agenda, should give all those who read this, a very good idea of what our group is fighting against. We are in our final times of actions to regain and take back our rights. The next levels of action will require the efforts of all those who want their freedoms restored. I ask only that each person do what they can to help themselves… yes, that’s right, help yourself. > There is nothing to fear, but fear itself. Do not take the political spin answers to this. Refuse the cover up. Instead, think about the last statement in the 911 Report… “This could not have taken place without inside assistance.” Thank you, Drake