Here comes gun control, again. A mayor issued an ‘edict’ that counters state law, and of course the Unconstitutional Fascist ACLU is all for it. The law on the books already defines this. In this case, we have an official who believes that his level of ‘executive order’ can be used. Funny, but since the 1800’s, there have been very few armed assaults in the ‘Public Government Buildings here in West Virginia. The gun grabbers needs everyone to be scared, frightened that everyone with a gun is a nutcase who is going to shoot Everybody! Oh, My!! A gun!!! Really? Most who want to, carry a gun in West Virginia. Funny, but open carry has NOT resulted in the Wild West, bang, bang, shoot em ups. Until, and unless, the Second Amendment is Repealed, no one has the right to say a law abiding person can’t keep and bear arms.