HELP SAVE AMERICA – WAKE UP CALL! National Liberty Alliance needs your support. We have 4418 members and without any doubt we are the most active Liberty Group in America. We have 872 members enrolled in our unique 120 hour civics course; we have 460 Administrators enrolled in our course and 119 members have completed our civics course; we have about 80 people who are signed up in our writ writing course. We have about 400 People attending our Monday night meetings; and three internet radio stations rebroadcasting our meetings; we estimate that we have about 400 People downloading our Monday meeting MP3’s and we have never missed a Monday night meeting since our inception. We are well established in all fifty (50) states, all with their own postal address and grand jury seal; we have 6 National Coordinators, 150 State Coordinators and 1320 county organizers. We have 12 Active committee groups. And our site receives between 20,000 to 30,000 visitors a month, of which 37% are new visitors. NLA has National name recognition, and is gaining International name recognition; our broadband costs are growing exponentially. We are second to none on the internet in providing solid, well researched information on common law, court procedure and the reality of fraudulent fictional courts. We have 1000’s of hours of videos, mp3’s, papers, documents, reports, free e-books, free audio books, documentaries and much, much, more. We have filed four Habeas Corpuses that have released two people from jail, one still pending and a pending mortgage foreclosure both of which we believe will be successful. We opened a court of record in all 94 Federal District Courts and have filed nine historical documents in all of them and another one to follow within a week. We have about 100 Habeas Corpuses being prepared to be filed each filing cost us about $30 each to cover printing, envelopes, labels and certified mailing, for a total cost of about $3000 and we are continually receiving more requests for help from People facing jail, loss of home and children being kidnapped from their families by CPS. We have 8 dedicated fax (phone) lines and internet access that cost us about $500 per month on a dedicated server with $1000’s invested in hardware and software operating 24/7; capable of sending six page faxes to every elected federal and state representatives including every state and federal judge and all 3000+ Sheriffs within 72 hours. We also have mass email software sending out to all Sheriffs and 6000 media outlets. Our message and demands are reaching all of the aforesaid on a regular basis. Our current project is a 3 page Mandamus preparing to be mailed through the US Postal Service to all 430+ U.S. Congressmen and 100 Senators, filed in all 94 Federal District Courts and will be copied by fax and email to all of the afore said servants. This project is estimated to cost $1,400. Our next project is a 3 page Mandamus to be mailed through the US Postal Service to all 3000+ Sheriffs, filed in all 94 Federal District Courts and will be copied by fax and email to all of the afore said servants. This project is estimated to cost $6,500, and more to follow. All of this work is financially supported by about 250 People and we are now struggling to stay afloat. We need some serious help and are now at a standstill with paying for our present projects. Considering all that we are doing and all the pressure we are applying to all our state and federal elected servants on a regular basis it is only a matter of time before we access the courts so that We the People can take control of our courts and save America. We are very close and time is running out. If you are not aware of the successes we are having it is because you are not attending our Monday night meetings. We have requested help from our membership many times and most are not coming to our aid. If each of our 4,418 members was to donate just $5 a month we could bring in about $22,000 a month which would easily pay for our overhead, projects, many more projects and we could do much, much, more. But instead we are struggling to pay the bills and are falling into the red. United we shall stand and divided we will fall, I can only ask the question will you Unite with us to save America by donating $5 a month or more and a few hours a week of your time or are you going to just let America fall along the wayside? We have the solution and we are very close the ball is in your court, the clock is ticking, what will you do? I will end with the words of one of my favorite heroes that paid the ultimate price for you and for me. “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” JFK Go to and vote to save America by donating $5 a month or more and start attending our meetings and give a helping hand. May God have mercy upon our souls! In His Service; John Darash