Health Care, Taxes, and Economics

As the title of this indicates, this is a three way complexity of all three issues.

My Health Care plan offers the best of all three. Think in terms of low costs, and you will get into the area of ‘Catastrophic Policies’. This offers minimal expense, around $50 per month, while covering everything. The profit can be held for future needs, and at certain points in time, transferred to a savings account. Following that, ALL Clinics, Hospitals, and any entity offering health care, be interconnected. This includes maintenance, basic general health care, and specialized care.  Were an area to be assigned to these entities, the traffic should be sufficient to support them. Basic ‘cost reductions’ can come from using the standard payment schedule found in Medicare.

Getting both the health care system under control, will reduce government costs, and allow pre-existing conditions to be covered as well. The conspiracy theory of forcing 23 million people off or out of health care is BS. This outline allows for people to exercise their right to their ‘free will’ decision of participation. At the lowest end of the cost scale, most will more than likely, get insured.

Taxes are an integral part of getting government out of health care. By lowering government expenses for health care, this will free up a lot of revenue that is being used for health care. When reducing obligations, the infrastructure/bureaucracy reduces as well. The ‘simplification’ of the tax code is just as critical as anything else. I have suggested an incremental system, that starts at 0 and runs up to 10% at double the poverty level for people. That, at minimum, companies pay 10%, then increment that to 20%. That individual taxes max out at 15%. This eliminates most ‘deductions’, simplifies the whole code, and makes the whole system more efficient.  Any ‘repatriated’ funds, should come in at a maximum of 10%.

Economics entails the whole of our systems, but does not rule. In the past,  whenever taxes were reduced, the economy grew dramatically. This is only true when done from the bottom up. Reversing the present advantages, bringing the top advantages down to the lower levels, causes growth. Allowing UK to exit the EU without penalty would be a start (only an example). There will have to be a new drive in all societies and countries. This will be to apply all the controls, austerity ideas, and a large reductions to all governments.

Plutocracies, government by the wealthy, Theocracies, government by religion, and all forms of outright Dictatorships will need to be removed. A true autonomous (free of all influences) system will have to be installed globally. The inherent sovereignty of people from government, and government structure that only takes care of the people, and infrastructure, will be required.

This is the basis of that mythical ‘golden age’ of man. This allows our planet to join the greater ‘federation of planets’ that have such systems. We can then become a part of the inter-planetary exchanges that are waiting for our people to implement these changes. Those who would like to use advanced technologies, this is how our planet gains access.

There are not enough people on our planet to support the growth that will come when we do these things. I strongly suggest that everyone get ready for a roller coaster ride that leads to the stars.

Thank you,