Greatest danger facing America? All of those who haven’t done anything and are waiting for someone else to do the work for them, are the real dangers. Just America? Any problems in any other countries, where the people are not getting a fair shake? Governments are doing just fine, but the people aren’t? Maybe it’s just the bankers who have things their way? >>>Everyone is missing it. No one gets it. So, here it is : These nasty ‘things’ are being done on purpose by the puppet masters, those in charge, and who ‘own’ everything. <<< All the way from legislation to war to staged mass shootings to international problems that have no answers... It is past time that everyone quits playing their games. After all, all 'main stream media' has to say is this: I'll give you a heads up. IF anyone thinks I'm going to do all the work for those who can't get off their couch, You are crazy! <<< I ain't no bodies mule! All those who hear and don't do, you just might be on your own real soon, unless the people start standing up. I offer this as a warning, that I might just leave in order to see how many of who are willing to stand up for your own Freedoms... Hmmm?

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