Gun or Person?

I receive tons of info on everything, but especially earth shattering insights dealing with society and government.

In most cases of any validity, I take a very close, detailed, and analytical look. I disallow anything that might prejudice my ‘look’, and then take the ‘whole’ of it apart. In doing so, I have learned to not only read between the lines, but to be able to grasp the intent, purpose, and official involvement. A large percentage of ‘incidents’ in the news have had some level of official involvement.

Since Great Britain was defeated by a bunch of farmers with pitchforks, our founding fathers believed in the general population being able to defend itself, be that against highwaymen (robbers) or against similar fascist governance the British military demonstrated. This is known as The Second Amendment, and contrary to ‘legal’ and moral beliefs, is The Right of We The People to keep and bear arms. The idea is that of a person having the right to self-defense. And no, I really don’t care what anyone thinks about guns, as all will see.

There was a recent mass shooting in a Florida high school that cost the lives of seventeen (17) people. There will be a lot of ‘press’ and ‘official’ discussion concerning this.

In order to have a society that functions in any kind of orderly manner, a generally peacefulness in all the varied dealings is required for that ‘society’ to exist. Because of the American people’s ancestry being of criminal origins, disagreements were settled directly between the parties involved. What lawmen there were, were late to address, and the courts just as slow.

Fast forward to our present time, and accordingly, things are supposed to have changed. From incidents, reports, and what most people say, not so much?  ‘When seconds count, the police are just minutes away.’ This still applies even in our so-called advanced society.

This brings everyone everywhere to the simple question: If or when any person is deranged enough to see no other way than to kill a large group of people, and gets reported, why is there no action?  I am NOT talking after the fact, but before?

In the Florida shooting, that person was reported to everybody, and no action? IF ALL those in a position to do something, ignore all or any reports, then there is no way to stop this problem.

Look at the long list of who got reports of this guy being deranged, talking about a mass shooting, and broadcasting his intent on social media. Several parents knew, the school was told/warned, and local and federal law enforcement had reports. AND all this effort was ignored or dismissed?  I ask just how many of these officials are being held responsible? Further, all the protests about guns doesn’t mean anything, IF/WHEN no official takes ‘Preventative Action’. ALL these need to resign or be fired. ‘They’ think saying sorry, or we made a mistake, covers this? I strongly suggest holding ALL of these accountable in civil actions for each death.

Has anyone considered ‘mandatory’ interview for people like this shooter? If any problems are found, ‘mandatory’ counseling? National Education could use such a regulation, maybe even a state or federal law?

What were/are the causes of this problem? Could it be that the school society decided to pick on this guy? How many of the students were involved in this bullying? Why not stop this before the person goes insane? BTW – this works, as I have had personal experience with it. My very own kids, in their school, and the kid looking to shoot, is now a decent, productive person.

I say that every effort needs to focus on the person whose finger pulls that trigger, not any guns. Yes, I like the stronger background checks, but, it best have the correct limitations. All veterans who have seen combat action are a danger to society? Or if there is any reference to PTSD no guns? Under that, no one who takes a straight up hate position about anything, can not have guns either. The legal problems are huge, as each individual has to be adjudicated as a danger to himself and others, let alone incompetent.

~ Calling all gun protesters, think of how much better our world would be IF things like this were prevented and never allowed to start?