Now there is ‘legislation’. I strongly suggest these idealists be absolutely sure that ‘everything’ in this legislation also has the ‘correct definition’. Tell everyone how ALL veterans are dangerous terrorists and people who own guns are looking to kill our fellow man? If any leftist socialist thinks they can take my protection without providing full time, always there protection, I am all ears. Of course they can’t, no more than there are cops where you need them when you need them. Get real! To provide true/real gun safety, try taking every crook who commits any crime while armed, off the streets, by way of gun charges? Why is it that our Justice Department has told the police and prosecutors no gun charges? Background checks? Really? How many ‘crooks’ does anyone know who follows any law? Crooks buy their guns on the corner, not in a gun shop. What part of not be infringed upon do you not understand? A whole state is now ‘A Gun Free Zone’…so were the places where mass shootings took place.

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