From Drake: To date I have been ‘reserved’. That means I have NOT come out swingin. This time I’m going to let it all hang out! The social order of ‘things’ are as follows : #1 are whites and all those who are close enough you don’t ‘see much difference. #2 are all those who are almost, but you can see a difference. The next two categories are sort of together. #3 Blacks, only because this ‘group’ is large in number and use as much law as they can to try to live. #4 Latino’s/Mexicans in this they were not a problem until so many of them decided to visit permanently. ‘Illegals’ are what they are called. This includes everybody who found our southern border an open door. #5 The ‘originals’, known as Indians. We performed a level of Genocide against these people in order to ‘legally steel their land and lifestyle. Here is how it is. And few will like this because it offers a realistic take on Truth. You blacks complain about getting killed, discriminated against, and put down? Think about the Indians. ALL the Indians were herded onto Federal Lands and told to stay there no matter what. Guess why these ‘land prisons’ don’t have guard towers? Because the Rez ( reservation) are surrounded by miles of desert no man’s land. How many of the ‘Projects’ are surrounded by barbed wire fences? Got any guard towers? If you are not a part of the ‘Socially accepted’, you best not even go for a walk. The police will try to get you!? Really? Some people still shoot at Indians on site, just for the fun of target practice… think about that. [TIME!!! We The People have a Common Enemy! This enemy is so much a part of everything, it will take ALL of us, ALL races, young and old TOGETHER to restore our Rights. Contact us, we have many ways to help.