According to any standard, the choice is obvious.

Each person, no matter where, will need to decide on what is evil, as well as how their action in the situation gives a solid basis.

In order to know the difference between a rash, knee jerk reaction, the choice made at this exact time in place, according to the present situation, and a reasoned approach, is simply knowing that you are determining the outcome.

The basic question is simply a matter of choice, would you pull the trigger on a dope addict who has decided that your place and family will provide that next fix? Any idea exactly what this addict has in mind while gathering any valuables, might be for you? Your partner? Kids? Maybe just a home movie version of a slasher film? What do you think? Is there any way to know?

Taking this into the international arena, I hear a lot of people are protesting the recent bombing in Syria.

So, exactly ‘what’ are you protesting? If it is the bombing, accordingly, each of you must agree that using chemical weapons on civilians, old people and kids, is acceptable? There are/is no situation where that kind of warfare is acceptable for any reason. Again, exactly what are you protesting?

Just as with that out of their mind dope addict, coming to ‘visit’, what can be done, and why?

Syria and Assad were warned that they would be fired upon if they did that. Guess what? An idiot in charge, did it again! The result was a blown up airfield. The same warning was given again, and guess what? An idiot once more attacked civilians, women, children, and helpless people.

This time, the storage and manufacturing sites were destroyed. According to reports from the ground, there were/are no casualties, not one.

After the fact, Parliament, Congress, and other ‘legislative’ bodies are now objecting to a lack of approval or permission to having taken such actions. Really? I suppose that talking about it, arguing over details, and taking days, weeks, months, to come to any kind of conclusion, is acceptable to you?

Just as that dope addict is breaking into your house, how much time is anyone going to spend trying to talk them out of it? How long do you have before that addict gets a hold of you? Will you be left alive long enough to hear your family scream? OR, do you finish the problem by pulling the trigger?

Of all those objecting, show the world that talking to the insanity of addiction or the insanity of a dictator, does any good or works. The basic problem is that diplomacy and other forms of talking, in many cases have no effect on the actions that are insane. Further, Russia was supposed to have eliminated all chemical weapons, looks like they failed. Past all that, the world was led to believe that Russia has some measure of control over Syria. Either Russia agreed to this, or there are rebels who have chemical weapons. If rebels have these weapons, take the rebels out and destroy the weapons.

It would be a great thing, if someday, all the fighting over political and religious differences, stopped.

We, The Human Race, need solutions, and now is the time.