Equitable Trade

For many years, countries have engaged in trade.

In many cases, the ‘trade’ was either good or bad, depending on what was going on, and what was being traded. After conflicts, new trade deals were brokered to reinitiate governance and reconstruction. These were called special tarifs. These were conditional and intended to expire. However, these special tariffs were kept in place.

Over the years, this caused the trade imbalance or deficit in trade, and the trade deficits became a standard part of international trade. Accepted as a cost of doing business on the international and global platform.

For over a hundred years, these deficits were known and noted by the leadership of the many nations engaging in what is called the global trade platform.

The problem today is noted differently than in years past, and was brought to the attention of world leaders of nations involved in global trade.

Solutions were ignored or outright refused by all involved. This has been known as the impass in import/export.

Since World War II, the reconstruction tariffs have remained in place. The imbalance of trade has been excused as a problem with production, antiquated manufacturing and the inability of workers to be a profitable investment or produce enough fast enough.

After negotiations failed between The US and other nations, President Trump was left with the last, and only option. Match what America was paying in relation to the excessive tariffs of their so called trading partners in order to balance the books.

It is common knowledge all over the news of the righteous indignation many countries have stated freely in public, that these actions have formulated a trade war, and that all these allies will now retaliate.

Interesting that so many sophisticated leaders are objecting to a level playing field. Free trade has to be fair trade, like it or not. Those objecting the most are the worst offenders.

As an American patriot, I find it interesting that so many nations who always accept our aid or call on America so often, do not understand and have refused our negotiations.

These are not the actions of true allies, nor does the fake friendship cover a cost America should not have to bear. Yes, this includes all subsidies from all these nations. Scream nationalism for yourselves while screaming protectionism at America. Sounds like you can not stand the idea that your welfare is on the chopping block.

Each nation has stated that they can handle this problem, show the world your application of this reality and offer fair and equitable trade.