Does anyone want to be free? Or, has everyone become trained fleas? Each and every day, people jump through hoops in their attempt to not be noticed by authority, not get in the way, and keep from rocking any boats. There is a very serious problem with this, not of our making. Historically and presently, people have let our government abuse its assumed ‘authority’ by force of arms. The basic problem is that on legal grounds, the federal government does NOT have any Constitutionally based authority outside the District of Columbia and associated territories. That the fed’s claim’s are NOT based in any fact, law, or Constitutional provision, and this also negates all ‘control’ over lands outside their Constitutionally specified areas. I do not advocate violence in resolving disputes between ‘denizens’ (those who occupy land) and those who have and will use deadly force to enforce their assumed authority. The charge of ‘terrorism’ goes to whom presented deadly force in order to get what they wanted? Was it the ‘officials’ who decided to ‘take’ without any true due process? Did any of those ‘denizens’ present armed resistance? Or, did the authorities openly display their intent to use arms? > Everyone has a very serious decision to make in this situation. When a group of armed individuals comes to take you land, what are you going to do? The ‘question’ goes to real authority, legal and lawful, What ‘right’ does the fed have in their ‘assumed’ authority? The answer is None. The sheriff has the authority and has been frightened away from his responsibility to protect the people of his county. The legal provision simply states that, when an officer refuses their ‘duty’, the people are to take the position of authority. Back to basics. None of any of this is ‘Constitutional’. This founding document is The Law of The Land, not the federal government. None of the laws used in this are ‘Constitutional’, as these laws infringe upon the ‘rights’ stated in The Law of The Land, our Constitution. The Question does NOT go away… Who wants to be Free? Decide.

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