As reported by Alex Jones on Info Wars:
          Dangerous knowledge?
        IF the general press knows about this, then so do those who would kill us with the same system.
       I understand this is a test, but I also am aware that our government has a history of ‘testing’ various chemical and biological weapons on the general population.
      Are the ‘test’ systems to be removed after this ‘test’ or not?
      Is it possible that the harmless might be replaced with something dangerous? Thus leaving a residue that could kill those who use this place after the ‘test’?
      There is no way to offer complete safety for anyone. Very simply, when the person doing this type of attack, is willing to sacrifice themselves, there is almost no defense.
      I am posting this as a warning, not to cause fear, but to have everyone start being aware of the fact that several organizations and groups have declared war on ALL of us.
      In places where attacks are common, the people are watchful of anything out of place, out of the ordinary. Simply, who wants to be standing next to a bomb, biological weapon, when it goes off?
      In the near future information will be provided that shows that some who are supposed to protect us, are involved in many of these so called terrorist actions.
      It is certain that those who give these orders will be taken down along with their mercenaries.
      Keep aware, look around, be safe.
       ~ Drake