Currencies RV – 1st Basket


          My the ‘rumors’ just keep coming…?
        This is one of several ‘lists’ sent to me.
       …and they all get to wait…
        There is another (main) shoe to fall first.
           ~ Drake
                            1st   Basket  RV’s:
Here is a list of the currencies that are updating together in the 1st basket::
jod = Jodan dinar
sos = Somali Shilling
scr = Seychellois Rupee
std = Sao Tomean Dodras
tnd = Tunisian Dollar
syp = Syrian Pound
tzs = Tanzanian Shilling
myr = Malaysian Ringg
aed = United Arab Emirates Dirham
pen = Peruvian Nuevo
php = Philippine Peso
qar = Qatari Rial
nad = Namibian Dollar
mzn = Euro
ngn = Nigerian Naira
omr = Omani Rial
cny = Chinese Yuan
kzt = Kazakhstani Tenge
lbp = Labanese Pound
vnd = Vietnam Dong
iqd = Iraqi Dinar
cop = Colombia Peso
bob = Bolivian Boliviano
vef = Venezuelan Bolivar