I cannot seem to penetrate people’s thinking on this.  We have in our country what is called a separation of powers.  That means that one branch cannot cross over into the jurisdiction of another branch.  Obama is in the executive branch…which means that if he had the authority to write the kind of executive orders which affect our country and our people, we would not need a legislative branch, i.e., Congress.  OBAMA’S EXECUTIVE ORDERS CAN ONLY PERTAIN TO ADMINISTRATIVE ACTION WITHIN THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT (EMPLOYEES) AND THOSE RESIDING IN WASHINGTON DC!!!!!!!  For those of you who do not know, Washington DC is NOT part of the united States.  It cannot BE within any State’s jurisdiction.  Connect the dots, please.  If you do, you will understand that the united States are the States united for only one reason, to protect the STATES from each other and from other countries.  The federal government has NO legal authority to make any laws/ rules which extend to the American PEOPLE.   That authority falls to the State and County governments.  United States are nothing more than the equivalency of the European Union.  The “US Supreme Court” has no authority over the People in the US!!  It’s jurisdiction is between the States themselves.

I know that our educational fool system has no desire to education people about this really important stuff.  So you might want to start educating yourselves.  YOUR LIVES DEPEND ON IT!!!!!   M

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